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Activity and isotopic composition of radionuclides accumulated in the FNPP reactors during the full lifecycleAntipov, S.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Kobrinskiy, .N.IBRAE RANv14, 1 20244-11
Assessment of the zone of intense gas condensate evaporation during blowouts in shallow wellsSolbakov, V.V., Zatsepa, S.N., Ivchenko, A.A.State Oceanographic Institute, FRCCSC RASv14, 1 202412-23
Some estimates of the severe ice conditions in the Pechora Sea based on observational and modeling data (simulation and analysis)Buzin, I.V., Klyachkin, S.V., Frolov, S.V., Smirnov, K.G., Mikhaltceva, S.V., Sokolova, Y.V., Gudoshnikov, Y.P., Voinov, G.N., Grigoryev, M.N.AARI, IMEMOv14, 1 202424-35
On the mechanism of destruction of ice films of metastable gas hydrates and its possible application to the process of methane emission in the ArcticGaragash, I.A., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, IPE RASv14, 1 202436-45
How to manage genetic resources in the Arctic Ocean?Vylegzhanin, A.N., Sotskova, P.V.MGIMOv14, 1 202446-55
Structure and evolution of hydrocarbon systems of the marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean (Eastern Arctic)Kerimov, V.Y., Lavrenova, E.A., Mustaev, R.N., Mamedov, R.A.MGRIv13, 4 2023488-500
Distribution of subsea permafrost (frozen ground) in the Laptev Sea based on seismic refraction dataBogoyavlensky, V.I., Kishankov, A.V., Kazanin, A.G.OGRI RAS, JSC "MAGE"v13, 4 2023501-515
January air palaeotemperature during MIS-3-2 in North-Eastern Yakutia, reconstructed from a high-resolution record of the isotopic composition of syngenetic ice wedges of the Batagay YedomaVasilchuk, Y.K., Vasilchuk, A.C., Budantseva, N.A., Vasilchuk, J.Y.Moscow State Universityv13, 4 2023516-528
The effect of air temperature on thawing depth of the road baseGalkin, A.F., Plotnikov, N.A., Pankov, V.Y.NEFU, MPI SB RASv13, 4 2023529-535
Geological studies of natural bitumen occurences in sedimentary and intrusive rocks of the Mesozoic age on the Franz Joseph Land archipelago during the research expedition in 2022Bogoyavlenskaya, O.V., Malishev, N.A., Makhova, O.S., Komissarov, D.K., Verzhbitsky, V.E., Vasileva, I.S., Borodulin, A.A., Kolubakin, A.A., Ulyanov, G.V., Obmetko, V.V., Boldyrev, M.L., Ugryumov, A.S., Danilkin, S.M., Ershova, V.B., Rogov, M.A., Stavitskaya, V.N., Shein, V.A., Shmanyak, A.V., Sobolev, P.O.VSEGEI, Rosneft, RN-Shelf-Arctic, Arctic Science Center, RN-Explorationv13, 3 2023328-340
Study of geomagnetic activity impact on functioning of railway automatics in Russian ArcticYagova, N.V., Rozenberg, I.N., Gvishiani, A.D., Sakharov, Y.A., Garanin, S.L., Voronin, V.A., Pilipenko, V.A., Dubchak, I.A.PGI KSC RAS, Vernadsky IGAC of RAS, IPE RAS, Russian University of Transport, Geophysical Center of RAS, VNIIASv13, 3 2023341-352
New data on intensive Earth degassing in the Arctic in the north of Western Siberia: thermokarst lakes with gas blowout craters and mud volcanoesBogoyavlensky, V.I., Nikonov, R.A., Bogoyavlensky, I.V.OGRI RASv13, 3 2023353-368
Analysis approach to the of meteorological conditions that determine the gap in response to marine oil spills in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationZatsepa, S.N., Ivchenko, A.A., Knizhnikov, .Y., Solbakov, V.V.State Oceanographic Institute, FRCCSC RASv13, 3 2023369-381
Mapping of dangerous geological objects and processes at the Northern and Central parts of the Barents Sea shelf according to the hydroacoustic data from RV Akademik Nikolai StrakhovSokolov, S.Y., Moroz, E.A., Zarayskaya, Y.A., Abramova, A.S., Ananyev, R.A., Sukhikh, E.A.IO RAS, GIN RASv13, 2 2023164-179
Russian arctic cities on the path to smart sustainabilityDetter, G.F., Lyovkina, A.O.Tyumen State University, Scientific Center for the Study of the Arcticv13, 2 2023180-187
Changes in the land area of the Russian Arctic for the biota developmentTishkov, A.A., Dobryansky, A.S., Krenke, A.N., Gnedenko, A.E.Institute of Geography, RASv13, 2 2023188-200
Dangerous gas-saturated objects in the World Ocean: the Beaufort Sea, Alaska North Slope shelfBogoyavlensky, V.I., Kishankov, A.V.OGRI RASv13, 2 2023201-210
Oceanic crust, transregional shear zones and the Amerasian microplate in the cretaceous-cenozoic geodynamics of ocean formation in the ArcticShipilov, E.V.PGI KSC RASv13, 1 20234-17
Biome differentiation in the Russian ArcticBelonovskaya, E.A., Tishkov, A.A.Institute of Geography, RASv13, 1 202318-33
Climate changes in river flow and precipitation in the White Sea RegionTolstikov, A.V., Serykh, I.V., Balagansky, A.F.IO RAS, NWPI KarRC RASv12, 4 2022464-474
Assessing the availability of green infrastructure to residents of an Arctic city (on the example of Nadym)Sizov, O.S., Fedorov, R.Y., Pechkina, Y.A., Michugin, M.S., Kuklina, V.V., Soromotin, A.V., Fedash, A.V.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, Tyumen State University, ECI Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS, Scientific Center for the Study of the Arctic, George Washington Universityv12, 4 2022475-490
Topical issues in Arctic studies: a perspective from ChinaWang, R..SPbUv12, 4 2022491-499
Compression of the ice cover in the Pechora Sea: a natural phenomenon and its impact on marine operationsBuzin, I.V., Klyachkin, S.V., Frolov, S.V., Smirnov, K.G., Mikhaltceva, S.V., Sokolova, Y.V., Gudoshnikov, Y.P., Voinov, G.N., Grigoryev, M.N.AARI, IMEMOv12, 4 2022500-512
Monitoring of the Mordyyakha gas explosion object development on Yamal on the basis of Earth remote sensing dataBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Kargina, T.N.OGRI RASv12, 4 2022513-523
Monitoring of the methane concentration changes in the Arctic atmosphere in 20192021 according to the TROPOMI spectrometer dataBogoyavlensky, V.I., Sizov, O.S., Nikonov, R.A., Bogoyavlensky, I.V.OGRI RASv12, 3 2022304-319
Analysis of the cenosoic erosion of sedimentary deposits in the East Barents Mega Basin based on 3d modeling of hydrocarbon systemsGolovanov, D.Y., Bogoyavlenskaya, O.V., Nikishin, V.A., Malishev, N.A., Verzhbitsky, V.E., Komissarov, D.K.Rosneft, RN-Shelf-Arcticv12, 3 2022320-333
Dangerous gas-saturated objects in the World Ocean: the East Siberian SeaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Kishankov, A.V., Kazanin, A.G., Kazanin, G.A.OGRI RAS, JSC "MAGE"v12, 2 2022158-171
Acceptable risk for Arctic shelf ecosystems based on probabilistic model calculationsSolovieva, N.V., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RASv12, 2 2022172-182
Features of the seismic process in the western part of the Aleutian subduction zone and their possible relationship with climate changes in the ArcticVladimirova, I.S., Lobkovsky, L.I., Alekseev, D.A., Gabsatarov, Y.V.IO RAS, MIPT, GS RASv12, 1 202258-67
Dynamics in the content of greenhouse gases in the surface layer of atmospheric air of the Arctic Island of Bely in the summer period 20152017Subbotina, I.E., Baglaeva, E.M., Buevich, A.G., Sergeev, A.P., Shichkin, A.V.Institute of Industrial Ecologyv12, 1 202268-76
Assessment of changes in the Scots pine linear increments in the Pechora-Ilychsky Reserve based on the climatic forecast of the surface air temperature in the Russian ArcticMaximova, O.V., Koukhta, A.Y.IGCEv12, 1 202277-86
The development of a holistic image of the cryosphereMelnikov, V.P., Brushkov, A.V., Fedorov, R.Y.Moscow State University, ECI Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RASv11, 4 2021519-528
Geoinformation analysis of soil cover protection in the Arctic Zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya, A.A., Chernova, O.V., Mitenko, G.V., Snakin, V.V.IBBP PSN RAS, Moscow State University, ISSP PSN RAS, IPEE RASv11, 4 2021529-540
Catastrophic gas blowout in 2020 on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic. Results of comprehensive analysis of aerospace RS dataBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Kargina, T.N.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOGv11, 3 2021362-374
D magnetic model of the Earths crust of the White Sea and adjacent territoriesNilov, M.Y., Bakunovich, L.I., Sharov, N.V., Belashev, B.Z.IG KarRC RASv11, 3 2021375-385
Regional unevenness of the summer warming in the continental Arctic as an indicator of natural boundaries of northern landscapesTitkova, T.B., Zolotokrylin, A.N.Institute of Geography, RASv11, 3 2021386-396
The air temperature variability during the cold period on the Kola Peninsula as modification factor of the ice regimeBanshchikova, L.S., Sumachev, A.E.SHIv11, 3 2021397-05
Earth degassing in the Arctic: comprehensive analysis of factors of powerful gas emission in the Laptev SeaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Kazanin, A.G., Kishankov, A.V., Kazanin, G.A.OGRI RAS, JSC "MAGE"v11, 2 2021178-194
The nature of regional magnetic anomalies in the northeast of the Barents-Kara continental margin based on the results of seismic data interpretationShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Shkarubo, S.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"v11, 2 2021195-204
Operational forecasting system for Arctic Ocean using the Russian marine circulation model INMOM-ArcticFomin, V.V., Panasenkova, I.I., Gusev, A.V., Chaplygin, A.V., Diansky, N.A.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, INM RASv11, 2 2021205-218
Thermal stress assessment for an Arctic city in summerKonstantinov, P.I., Varentsov, M.I., Grishchenko, M.Y., Samsonov, T.E., Shartova, N.V.Moscow State Universityv11, 2 2021219-231
Changes in the biological productivity of the Russian Arctic land ecosystems in the 21st centuryTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Krenke, A.N., Titova, S.V., Tsarevskaya, N.G.Institute of Geography, RASv11, 1 202130-41
Deformation tectonic waves as a possible trigger mechanism for the activation of methane emissions in the ArcticGaragash, I.A., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, IPE RASv11, 1 202142-50
Fundamental aspects of the catastrophic gas blowout genesis and the formation of giant craters in the ArcticBogoyavlensky, V.I.OGRI RASv11, 1 202151-66
Experimental study of the permafrost thawing effect on the content of nutrients and heavy metals in seawater during abrasion destruction of the Arctic coastPogojeva, M.P., Yakushev, E.V., Petrov, I.N., Yaeski, E.A.IO RAS, State Oceanographic Institute, Northwest Branch of RPA Typhoonv11, 1 202167-75
On tectonic-geodynamic relationships of the Eurasian basin and the Lomonosov Ridge with the continental margin of Siberia according to new seismic dataShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Kirillova, T.A.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"4 (40) 202034-42
Velocity structure and density inhomogeneities of the White Sea crustSharov, N.V., Bakunovich, L.I., Belashev, B.Z., Nilov, M.Y.IG KarRC RAS4 (40) 202043-53
Tundra and forest of the Russian Arctic: the interaction vector in the context of current climate warmingTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Glazov, P.M., Krenke, A.N., Puzachenko, A.Y., Tertitsky, G.M., Titova, S.V.Institute of Geography, RAS3 (39) 202048-61
Possible seismogenic trigger mechanism of abrupt activation of methane emission and climate warming in the ArcticLobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS3 (39) 202062-72
Coastal geosystems of the Kara Sea in a changing climateVanshtein, B.G., Streletskaya, I.D., Pismeniuk, A.A.Moscow State University, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia3 (39) 202073-86
Regional biogeographic effects of fast climate changes in the Russian Arctic in the 21st centuryTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Vaisfeld, M.A., Glazov, P.M., Lappo, E.G., Morozova, O.V., Pokrovskaya, I.V., Tertitsky, G.M., Titova, S.V., Tsarevskaya, N.G.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (38) 202031-44
Dangerous gas-saturated objects in the World Ocean: the Chukchi Sea (Russia and the USA)Bogoyavlensky, V.I., Kishankov, A.V.OGRI RAS2 (38) 202045-58
Two-step combined algorithm for improving the accuracy of predicting methane concentration in atmospheric air based on the NARX neural network and subsequent prediction of residualsSubbotina, I.E., Buevich, A.G., Sergeev, A.P., Shichkin, A.V., Baglaeva, E.M., Remezova, M.S.Institute of Industrial Ecology, UFU2 (38) 202059-67
Assessment of the long-range pollution trends of the atmosphere in the Arctic zone of Russia in 1980-2050 considering climate change scenariosMakosko, A.A., Matesheva, A.V.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics1 (37) 202045-52
Study of catastrophic gas blowout zones in the Arctic based on passive microseismic monitoring (on the example of Lake Otkrytiye)Bogoyavlensky, V.I., Erokhin, G.N., Nikonov, R.A., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Bryksin, V.M.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, IKBFU1 (37) 202053-64
Anthropogenic transformation of the Russian Arctic ecosystems: approaches, methods, assessmentsTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Glazov, P.M., Krenke, A.N., Titova, S.V., Tsarevskaya, N.G., Shmatova, A.G.Institute of Geography, RAS4 (36) 201938-51
Earth Degassing in the Arctic: Comprehensive Studies of the Distribution of Frost Mounds and Thermokarst Lakes with Gas Blowout Craters on the Yamal PeninsulaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Sizov, O.S., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Kargina, T.N.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, RSS4 (36) 201952-68
Dynamics of nutrients in the Yenisei Gulf during the open water periodMakkaveev, P.N., Polukhin, A.A., Nalbandov, Y.R., Khlebopashev, P.V.IO RAS4 (36) 201969-82
Khatanga-Lomonosov fault zone: structure, tectonic position and geodynamicsShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Shkarubo, S.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"3 (35) 201947-61
The crustal structure of the White Sea and adjacent territoriesSharov, N.V., Zhuravlev, V.A.IG KarRC RAS, JSC "MAGE"3 (35) 201962-72
The effect of water temperature anomalies at low latitudes of the ocean on Arctic climate variations and their predictabilityAlekseev, G.V., Vyazilova, A.E., Glok, N.I., Ivanov, N.E., Kharlanenkova, N.E.AARI3 (35) 201973-83
Earth degassing in the Artic: remote and field studies of the thermokarst lakes gas eruptionBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Kargina, T.N., Nikonov, R.A., Sizov, O.S.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, RSS2 (34) 201931-47
Identification of frontal zones position on the surface of the Barents Sea according to in situ and remote sensing dataMoiseev, D.D., Zaporozhtsev, I.F., Maximovskaya, T.M., Dukhno, G.N.MASU, MMBI KSC RAS2 (34) 201948-63
Considering long-term climatic changes in the key zones of social and economic development of the Russian Arctic for the navigation and industrial capacity extensionDrozdov, V.V.Krylov SRC2 (34) 201964-79
Biotic significant climate trends and biota dynamics of the Russian ArcticTishkov, A.A., Vaisfeld, M.A., Glazov, P.M., Morozova, O.V., Puzachenko, A.Y., Tertitsky, G.M., Titova, S.V.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (33) 201971-87
Earth decontamination in the Arctic: remote and field studies of the Seyakha accident gas emission on the Yamal PeninsulaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Sizov, O.S., Mazharov, A.V., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Kishankov, A.V., Kargina, T.N.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, RSS, YNAR Government1 (33) 201988-105
The role of permafrost in the formation of the hydrological and morphological regime of river mouths in the Arctic Ocean watershed areaDolgopolova, E.N.WPI RAS4 (32) 201870-85
Insolation contrast of the Earth and changes in the sea ice extent in the Northern hemisphereFedorov, V.M., Grebennikov, P.B.Moscow State University4 (32) 201886-94
Zonal distribution of the Russian Arctic biotKonovalov, A.A., Ivanov, S.N.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS4 (32) 201895-103
Model of the Arlis Spur spall from the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic OceanSchrader, A.A., Schrader, A.A., Brekhovskikh, A.L., Sazhneva, A.E., Klyuev, M.S., Rakitin, I.Y., Evsenko, E.I., Greenberg, O.V.Niigazekonomika, IO RAS4 (32) 2018104-110
Gas hydrates in the Circum-Arctic Region aquatoriesBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Kishankov, A.V., Yanchevskaya, A.S.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG3 (31) 201842-55
The cryosphere ecosystems a source of microorganisms with original biological potentialKalenova, L.F., Melnikov, V.P.Tyumen SC SB RAS, ECI Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS3 (31) 201856-64
The greening of the tundra as a driver of the modern dynamics of arctic biotaTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Vaisfeld, M.A., Glazov, P.M., Krenke, A.N., Tertitsky, G.M.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (30) 201831-44
Sources of data for numerical simulation of the White Sea for developing the Russian Arctic areaTolstikov, A.V., Chernov, I.A., Martynova, D.M.NWPI KarRC RAS, IAMR KRC RAS, White Sea Biological Station2 (30) 201845-55
Dynamics of nutrients in estuarine area of the Lena river: results from cruises in September 2015 and 2017Makkaveev, P.N., Polukhin, A.A., Seliverstova, A.M., Sepanova, S.V., Chultsova, A.L.IO RAS, North-Western Branch of IO RAS2 (30) 201856-67
Gas-hydrodynamics in the Arctic craters of gas blowoutBogoyavlensky, V.I.OGRI RAS1 (29) 201848-55
Some results of greenhouse gases monitoring in the Arctic region of RussiaAntonov, K.L., Markelov, Y.I., Markelov, Y.I., Buevich, A.G., Medvedev, A.N., Manzhurov, I.L.Institute of Industrial Ecology1 (29) 201856-67
Species diversity and structure of zooplankton community (on the example of the rkhangelsk region)Zmetnaya, M.I., Plakueva, M.V.North Branch of VNIRO, NAHEM1 (29) 201868-83
Evaluations of the frequency pollution trends of the atmosphere of the regions of the Russian Arctic in the 21st centuryMakosko, A.A., Matesheva, A.V.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics4 (28) 201759-71
Structure and the lithological composition of the section of the deposits of Kola Bay (Fiord) according to the data of drilling wells and seismoacoustics and the neotectonic conditions of its formationShipilov, E.V., Shkarubo, S.I., Kovalchuk, E.A.PGI KSC RAS, MASU, JSC "MAGE"4 (28) 201772-82
Results of aerial, space and field investigations of large gas blowouts near bovanenkovo field on Yamal peninsulaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG3 (27) 20174-17
Features of cryolithogenesis in the presence of gashydrates (on example of West Siberia)Konovalov, A.A.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS3 (27) 201718-27
Modern Geodynamics of the Norwegian-Greenland Basin on seismological data for the period 19641991 yearsBelenovich, T.Y., Kutinov, Y.G., Neverov, N.A., Chistova, Z.B.FCIAR3 (27) 201728-38
Assessment of climatic changes in the Arctic in the 21st century based on the combined forecastPanin, G.N., Diansky, N.A., Solomonova, I.V., Gusev, A.V., Vyruchalkina, T.Y.WPI RAS, Moscow State University, INM RAS2 (26) 201735-52
Importance of Permafrost Changes for Infrastructure Exploitation and Environmental Protection (Case Study of Local Investigation in Lower part of Vorkuta River)Voytenko, A.S., Grishakina, E.A., Isayev, V.S., Koshurnikov, A.V., Pogorelov, A.A., Podchasov, O.V., Sergeyev, D.O.Moscow State University, IEG RAS2 (26) 201753-61
Destabilization of relict methane hydrates with observed changes of regional climateArzhanov, M.M., Mokhov, I.I., Denisov, S.N.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics4 (24) 201646-51
Reconstruction of paleoclimate indicators and biota by group palynospectra in the north of Western SiberiaKonovalov, A.A., Ivanov, S.N.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS4 (24) 201652-57
Modern geodynamics of Gakkel Ridge according to seismological dataKutinov, Y.G., Chistova, Z.B., Belenovich, T.Y., Morozov, A.A.FCIAR4 (24) 201658-71
Comparison and use of observations and modeling of level in the Kara SeaBorisov, E.V., Rayevsky, D.N.State Oceanographic Institute, IPE RAS4 (24) 201672-79
Remote identification of areas of surface gas and gas emissions in the Arctic: Yamal PeninsulaBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Sizov, O.S.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, RSS3 (23) 20164-15
Ferromanganese crusts of Mendeleev Swell: the features of composition and formationKonstantinova, N.P., Cherkashev, G.G., Novikov, G.V., Bogdanova, O.Y., Kuznetsov, V.Y., Rekant, P.V., Mirão, J.A., Dias, L.C., Madureira, P.P.IO RAS, VSEGEI, SPbU, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia, Evora University, Estrutura de Missão3 (23) 201616-28
Strategic research priorities of Russia and foreign countries in the Arctic RegionZaykov, K.S., Kalinina, M.R., Kondratov, N.A., Tamitskiy, A.M.NAFU3 (23) 201629-37
On tsunami hazard in the Arctic RegionKulikov, E.A., Ivashchenko, A.I., Medvedev, I.P., Yakovenko, O.I., Kovachev , S.A.IO RAS, IAG3 (23) 201638-49
Late Mesozoic plume magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phases geodynamic conditions of detectionShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS2 (22) 201672-81
Climate dependence of biota in the north of the Tyumen Region (the quantitative aspect)Konovalov, A.A.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS1 (21) 201628-37
Experience of using the thermal profiling drifters to study the Arctic region of the OceanMotyzhev, S.V., Lunev, E.G., Tolstosheev, A.P., Bykov, E.M.FSBSI MHI1 (21) 201638-45
Fracture mechanics and the problems of development of the ArcticGoldshtein, R.V., Osipenko, N.M.IPMech RAS4 (20) 201514-27
"Greening" of the Arctic in the twenty-first century as a synergy effect of global warming and economic developmentTishkov, A.A., Krenke, A.N.Institute of Geography, RAS4 (20) 201528-37
Arctic marginal planetary areaKutinov, Y.G., Chistova, Z.B., Belenovich, T.Y.FCIAR4 (20) 201538-47
Justification of generation of gas emission craters in the Arctic by mathematical modelingBogoyavlensky, V.I., Garagash, I.A.OGRI RAS, IPE RAS3 (19) 201512-17
Assessment of effect of the approach channel to the port of Sabetta to changes in hydrological conditions of the Gulf of Ob using numerical modelingDiansky, N.A., Fomin, V.V., Gruzinov, V.M., Kabatchenko, I.M., Litvinenko, G.I.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, MTNIIP Co.3 (19) 201518-29
Organization of geoenvironmental monitoring of gas emissions in the Arctic: methods and prospects of advanced wireless technologiesAsavin, A.M., Nivin, V.A.Vernadsky IGAC of RAS, GI KSC RAS3 (19) 201530-39
Calculation of hydraulic size of suspended substances to simulate dynamics of concentration of suspended substances in the estuarine areas of the Arctic seas by the example of the White SeaStudenov, I.I., Shilova, N.A.North Branch of VNIRO, NAFU3 (19) 201540-47
Research activities of the USA in the Arctic: organizational approach and military programsBocharov, L.Y., Korchak, V.V., Tuzhikov, E.Z.Research Institute of RANS, Sector of Applied Research of RAS Presidium3 (19) 201548-53
Geodynamic evolution of oil and gas basins of Russian Kara-Barents Sea shelfSorokhtin, N.O., Lobkovsky, L.I., Nikiforov, S.L., Kozlov, N.E.IO RAS, GI KSC RAS2 (18) 201514-25
Deep sedimentary basins in the waters of the Russian Arctic: mechanisms of formation, oil and gas potential, the rationale of belonging to the continental shelfArtyushkov, E.E., Chekhovich, P.A.Moscow State University, IPE RAS2 (18) 201526-34
Hydrocarbon gases and permafrost of the Arctic shelfPerlshtein, G.Z., Sergeyev, D.O., Tipenko, G.S., Tumskoy, V.E., Khimenkov, A.N., Vlasov, A.N., Merzlyakov, V.P., Stanilovskaya, Y.V.Moscow State University, IEG RAS, IAM RAS2 (18) 201535-44
Expeditionary activity of Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal UniversityKudryashova, E.V., Zaykov, K.S., Byzova, N.M.NAFU2 (18) 201545-51
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