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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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IBRAE RAN (Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

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Arctic transport routes on land, in water and air areasGruzinov V.M., Zvorykina Y.V., Ivanov G.V., Sychev Y.F., Tarasova O.V., Filin B.N.State Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Vnesheconombank, Military Academy of the General Staff, IEIE SB RAS, IBRAE RAN1 (33) 20196-20
Scientific and technological support for solving the strategic Russian problems in the ArcticFilin B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (23) 2016116-117
The expedition in the Kara Sea opens the heroic pages of Arctic Defense in the Great Patriotic WarFilin B.N., Melnikov A.A. 2 (18) 201552-57
The legal and methodological problems of strategic planning of development of the arctic regions of RussiaFilin B.N., Gorodetsky A.A., Ivanov V.V. 4 (16) 20144-13
Round table Scientific development of ArcticFilin B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (15) 2014100-102
Development of international scientific cooperation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Japanese scientific institutions in research of Arctic regionsFilin B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (15) 2014103-104
International Conference Via the Northern Sea Route to Strategic Stability and Equal Partnership in the ArcticFilin B.N.IBRAE RAN4 (4) 2011108-117

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