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Prospects of Using Nuclear Power Technologies in the ArcticSarkisov, A.A., Smolentsev, D.O., Antipov, S.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Kobrinskiy, .N., Shvedov, P.A.IBRAE RANv12, 3 2022349-358
Message from the Editor-in-ChiefSarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RANv12, 1 20224-5
Development and application of an integrated system of mathematical models for the transfer of radionuclides upon a hypothetic accident to minimize radioecological consequencesSarkisov, A.A., Antipov, S.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Vysotsky, V.V., Dzama, D.V., Kobrinskiy, .N., Pripachkin, D.A., Smolentsev, D.O., Shvedov, P.A.IBRAE RANv11, 3 2021313-326
Message from the Editor-in-ChiefSarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RANv11, 1 20214-5
90 years since the birth of Academician Nikolai Pavlovich LaverovSarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RAN3 (39) 20204-5
Special Features of Handling Non-defueled K-27 Nuclear Submarine Dumped in the Arctic Following Its Prospective LiftingAntipov, S.V., Kobrinskiy, .N., Shvedov, P.A., Kulikov, K.N., Nizamutdinov, R.A., Lodochnikov, S.V.IBRAE RAN, NIPTB Onega1 (37) 202037-44
Experience in studying the particle size distribution of atmospheric precipitation of some settlements of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)Drozd, V.A., Panchenko, S.V., Khoroshikh, P.P., Chernishev, V.V., Kholodov, A.S., Chaika, V.V., Tkachev, V.V., Golokhvast, K.S.IBRAE RAN, FEFU, Vladivostok Branch of the FESC PPB3 (35) 201935-46
Arctic transport routes on land, in water and air areasGruzinov, V.M., Zvorykina, Y.V., Ivanov, G.V., Sychev, Y.F., Tarasova, O.V., Filin, B.N.State Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Vnesheconombank, Military Academy of the General Staff, IEIE SB RAS, IBRAE RAN1 (33) 20196-20
Economic efficiency and possibilities of using megawatt-class nuclear power sources in the ArcticSarkisov, A.A., Smolentsev, D.O., Antipov, S.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Shvedov, P.A.IBRAE RAN1 (29) 20184-14
The Technology of Lifting Nuclear- and Radiation-Hazardous Facilities Dumped or Sunken in the Arctic Based on the Use of Hydraulic Cable JacksKramorenko, A.V., Asminin, V.V., Chumarov, R.I., Antipov, S.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Shvedov, P.A.IBRAE RAN, Research Institute of Rescue and Underwater Technologies1 (29) 2018116-124
Nuclear Legacy Cleanup in the Continental Part of Russia as a Condition for Radiation Safety in the ArcticKryukov, O.V., Abramov, A.A., Linge, I.I., Ivanov, A.Y.IBRAE RAN, Rosatom4 (28) 201749-58
Prospects for the Development of Automated Radiation Monitoring Systems in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions through the Integrated Use of Mobile Radiation Monitoring DevicesArutyunyan, R.V., Gavrilov, S.L., Popov, E.V.IBRAE RAN3 (27) 201739-48
Appeal of Editor-in-chiefSarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RAN1 (25) 20176-7
Scientific and technological support for solving the strategic Russian problems in the ArcticFilin, B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (23) 2016116-117
Autonomous bottom station of express control as part of an integrated system for monitoring and control of radiation and chemical contamination of the Arctic seasVyalyshev, A.I., Dobrov, V.M., Stoyanov, V.V., Panteleev, V.A., Segal, M.D.IBRAE RAN, Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies, SEATECHRIM2 (22) 201664-71
Editor-in-chiefs addressSarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RAN1 (21) 20164-5
The expedition in the Kara Sea opens the heroic pages of Arctic Defense in the Great Patriotic WarMelnikov, A.Y., Filin, B.N.IBRAE RAN, Fertoing2 (18) 201552-57
The legal and methodological problems of strategic planning of development of the arctic regions of RussiaGorodetsky, A.A., Ivanov, V.V., Filin, B.N.IBRAE RAN, RAS, IE RAS4 (16) 20144-13
Round table Scientific development of ArcticFilin, B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (15) 2014100-102
Development of international scientific cooperation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Japanese scientific institutions in research of Arctic regionsFilin, B.N.IBRAE RAN3 (15) 2014103-104
The effects of energy storage use in isolated power systems of RussiaKononenko, V.Y., Veshchunov, O.V., Bilashenko, V.P., Smolentsev, D.O.IBRAE RAN, Liotech Ltd.2 (14) 201461-66
Priority projects of the program of the Arctic Sea rehabilitation from sunken and submerged nuclear and radiation hazardous objects and the necessity for international cooperationSarkisov, A.A., Antipov, S.V., Vysotsky, V.V.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 20124-15
Arctic-2012 Training: Achievements and LessonsOsipjantz, I.A., Pavlovsky, O.O., Krasnoperov, S.S.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 201282-89
Energy Development in the Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities of Low-Power PlantsSmolentsev, D.O.IBRAE RAN3 (7) 201222-29
International Conference Via the Northern Sea Route to Strategic Stability and Equal Partnership in the ArcticFilin, B.N.IBRAE RAN4 (4) 2011108-117
Cold War Ecological Legacy Elimination in the Arctic Region of Russia: the International CooperationSarkisov, A.A., Antipov, S.V., Kalinin, R.I., Kobrinskiy, .N., Shvedov, P.A.IBRAE RAN3 (3) 201148-59
Radiation Monitoring and Emergency Response System Improvement at the North-West Region of RussiaArutyunyan, R.V., Bolshov, L.A., Gavrilov, S.L., Kiselev, V.P., Nikitin, V.S., Ogar`, K.V., Osipjantz, I.A., Sarkisov, A.A.IBRAE RAN2 (2) 201118-25
Problems of radiation rehabilitation of the Arctic seas, methods and ways of their solutionSarkisov, A.A., Vysotsky, V.V., Sivintsev, Y.V., Nikitin, V.S.IBRAE RAN, NRC Kurchatov Institute, Zvyozdochka1 (1) 201170-81

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