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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Author Index Vladimir Semenovich Nikitin


Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Director General

Krylov SRC (Krylov State Research Centre), Shiprepairing Center Zvyozdochka

E-mail: krylov@ksrc.ru

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Maritime activities and the issues of life rescue in the Russian ArcticNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Valdman N.A.Krylov SRC1 (33) 2019118-128
Prospects of the development of domestic arctic marine technologies related to liquefied natural gasNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A.Krylov SRC2 (30) 201868-82
Shipbuilding capabilities for creating the infrastructure in the Arctic regionNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ryzhkov V.V., Iljushkin A.P., Volkov V.A. 1 (25) 2017102-119
Development of advanced patterns of cryogenic steels for gas vessels and stationary storage tanks of liquefied natural gas designed for Arctic conditionsNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Matrosov M.M., Zikeev V.V., Martynov P.P., Shulga E.V., Semin A.A. 4 (24) 201680-89
Nuclear icebreakers and development of the Arctic shelfNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Shlyachkov V.I.Krylov SRC1 (21) 201676-81
Nuclear Energy in the Arctic RegionNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ustinov V.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Makarov V.V.Krylov SRC, NRC Kurchatov Institute4 (20) 201586-95
Development of maritime activities in the Russian ArcticNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ivanov Y.Y. 2 (18) 201578-87
Radiation Monitoring and Emergency Response System Improvement at the North-West Region of RussiaNikitin V.S., Sarkisov A.A., Arutyunyan R.V., Gavrilov S.L., Bolshov L.A., Kiselev V.P., Ogar` K.K., Osipjantz I.I.IBRAE RAN2 (2) 201118-25
Problems of radiation rehabilitation of the Arctic seas, methods and ways of their solutionNikitin V.S., Sarkisov A.A., Vysotsky V.V., Sivintsev Y.Y. 1 (1) 201170-81

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