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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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Ashot Arakelovich SarkisovDoctor of Engineering Sciences

IBRAE RAN (Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

E-mail: sarkisov@ibrae.ac.ru

Academician, Advisor of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Economic efficiency and possibilities of using megawatt-class nuclear power sources in the ArcticSarkisov A.A., Smolentsev D.O., Antipov S.V., Bilashenko V.P., Shvedov P.A.IBRAE RAN1 (29) 20184-14
Appeal of Editor-in-chiefSarkisov A.A.IBRAE RAN1 (25) 20176-7
Editor-in-chiefs addressSarkisov A.A.IBRAE RAN1 (21) 20164-5
Priority projects of the program of the Arctic Sea rehabilitation from sunken and submerged nuclear and radiation hazardous objects and the necessity for international cooperationSarkisov A.A., Antipov S.V., Vysotsky V.V.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 20124-15
Cold War Ecological Legacy Elimination in the Arctic Region of Russia: the International CooperationSarkisov A.A., Antipov S.V., Shvedov P.A., Kobrinskiy .., Kalinin R.R.IBRAE RAN3 (3) 201148-59
Radiation Monitoring and Emergency Response System Improvement at the North-West Region of RussiaNikitin V.S., Sarkisov A.A., Arutyunyan R.V., Gavrilov S.L., Bolshov L.A., Kiselev V.P., Ogar` K.K., Osipjantz I.I.IBRAE RAN2 (2) 201118-25
Problems of radiation rehabilitation of the Arctic seas, methods and ways of their solutionNikitin V.S., Sarkisov A.A., Vysotsky V.V., Sivintsev Y.Y. 1 (1) 201170-81

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