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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Arctic transport routes on land, in water and air areasGruzinov V.M., Zvorykina Y.V., Ivanov G.V., Sychev Y.F., Tarasova O.V., Filin B.N.State Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Vnesheconombank, Military Academy of the General Staff, IEIE SB RAS, IBRAE RAN1 (33) 20196-20
Net environmental benefit analysis a tool of decision-making at oil spill responseGutnik A.N., Zatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Semanov G.N., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V., Shivaev A.A. 1 (25) 201747-58
Comparison and use of observations and modeling of level in the Kara SeaBorisov E.E., Rayevsky D.D.State Oceanographic Institute, IPE RAS4 (24) 201672-79
Assessment of effect of the approach channel to the port of Sabetta to changes in hydrological conditions of the Gulf of Ob using numerical modelingGruzinov V.M., Diansky N.A., Kabatchenko I.I., Fomin V.V., Litvinenko G.I.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, MTNIIP Co.3 (19) 201518-29
Development of models for express computation of oil spills in the Barents SeaZatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V.State Oceanographic Institute, AARI, CC RAS4 (16) 201468-76
Risk analysis of oil spill spread: case of the Ob Bay of the Kara SeaZatsepa S.N., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V., Juravel V.V. 3 (15) 201430-45
The problems of modeling of hydrological fields in the Arctic seasGruzinov V.M., Sokolov V.V.State Oceanographic Institute2 (14) 201440-49
Simulation of circulation of the Kara and Pechora Seas through the system of express diagnosis and prognosis of marine dynamicsGruzinov V.M., Diansky N.A., Kabatchenko I.I., Fomin V.V.State Oceanographic Institute, INM RAS, MIPT1 (13) 201457-73
Influence of Tide Water on Redistribution of Water Flow at the Delta of the Pechora RiverPolonsky V.V.State Oceanographic Institute2 (6) 201220-27

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