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Ice cellars preservation technologies to ensure sustainable development of northern settlementsLoktionov, E.Y., Sharaborova, E.S., Klokov, A.V., Maslakov, A.A., Sotnikova, K.S., Korshunov, A.A.Moscow State University, NAFU, BMSTU, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausannev14, 1 2024116-126
January air palaeotemperature during MIS-3-2 in North-Eastern Yakutia, reconstructed from a high-resolution record of the isotopic composition of syngenetic ice wedges of the Batagay YedomaVasilchuk, Y.K., Vasilchuk, A.C., Budantseva, N.A., Vasilchuk, J.Y.Moscow State Universityv13, 4 2023516-528
Wildfires as asource of black carbon in the Arctic in August 2022Popovicheva, O.B., Chichaeva, M.A., Kovach, R.G., Kasimov, N.S., Kobelev, V.O., Sinitskiy, .I.Moscow State University, SINP MSU, MB RGS, SCSAv13, 2 2023257-270
Assessing the resilience potential of the Russian Arctic cities: the factor of economic specializationNikitin, B.V.Moscow State Universityv13, 1 2023106-118
The development of a holistic image of the cryosphereMelnikov, V.P., Brushkov, A.V., Fedorov, R.Y.Moscow State University, ECI Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RASv11, 4 2021519-528
Geoinformation analysis of soil cover protection in the Arctic Zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya, A.A., Chernova, O.V., Mitenko, G.V., Snakin, V.V.IBBP PSN RAS, Moscow State University, ISSP PSN RAS, IPEE RASv11, 4 2021529-540
Operational forecasting system for Arctic Ocean using the Russian marine circulation model INMOM-ArcticFomin, V.V., Panasenkova, I.I., Gusev, A.V., Chaplygin, A.V., Diansky, N.A.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, INM RASv11, 2 2021205-218
Thermal stress assessment for an Arctic city in summerKonstantinov, P.I., Varentsov, M.I., Grishchenko, M.Y., Samsonov, T.E., Shartova, N.V.Moscow State Universityv11, 2 2021219-231
Biomonitoring of aerothechnogenic contamination of ecosystems in the North of Russia by heavy metalsEvseev, A.V., Dushkova, D.O., Goretskaya, A.G.Moscow State University, Humoldt University3 (39) 202023-33
Coastal geosystems of the Kara Sea in a changing climateVanshtein, B.G., Streletskaya, I.D., Pismeniuk, A.A.Moscow State University, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia3 (39) 202073-86
Portable photovoltaic power supply for low temperature applicationsTarasenko, A.B., Menshikov, Y.A., Suleymanov, M.Z., Kiseleva, S.S.Moscow State University, JIHT RAS, YAROSTANMASH2 (38) 2020134-143
Territorial protection of rare and endangeredplant species in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya, A.A., Kruglova, S.A., Khrisanov, V.R., Snakin, V.V.IBBP PSN RAS, Moscow State University1 (33) 201961-70
Mapping of plant species protected at the federal level in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya, A.A., Kruglova, S.A., Khrisanov, V.R., Snakin, V.V.IBBP PSN RAS, Moscow State University4 (32) 201843-54
Insolation contrast of the Earth and changes in the sea ice extent in the Northern hemisphereFedorov, V.M., Grebennikov, P.B.Moscow State University4 (32) 201886-94
Radiogeochemical investigations of the Kola Peninsula landscapesVorobyova, T.A., Evseev, A.V., Kuzmenkova, N.V.Moscow State University, Vernadsky IGAC of RAS2 (26) 201717-26
Assessment of climatic changes in the Arctic in the 21st century based on the combined forecastPanin, G.N., Diansky, N.A., Solomonova, I.V., Gusev, A.V., Vyruchalkina, T.Y.WPI RAS, Moscow State University, INM RAS2 (26) 201735-52
Importance of Permafrost Changes for Infrastructure Exploitation and Environmental Protection (Case Study of Local Investigation in Lower part of Vorkuta River)Voytenko, A.S., Grishakina, E.A., Isayev, V.S., Koshurnikov, A.V., Pogorelov, A.A., Podchasov, O.V., Sergeyev, D.O.Moscow State University, IEG RAS2 (26) 201753-61
Demographic development of the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in 20102014Sinitsa, A.L.Moscow State University1 (21) 201618-27
Assessment of effect of the approach channel to the port of Sabetta to changes in hydrological conditions of the Gulf of Ob using numerical modelingDiansky, N.A., Fomin, V.V., Gruzinov, V.M., Kabatchenko, I.M., Litvinenko, G.I.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, MTNIIP Co.3 (19) 201518-29
Deep sedimentary basins in the waters of the Russian Arctic: mechanisms of formation, oil and gas potential, the rationale of belonging to the continental shelfArtyushkov, E.E., Chekhovich, P.A.Moscow State University, IPE RAS2 (18) 201526-34
Hydrocarbon gases and permafrost of the Arctic shelfPerlshtein, G.Z., Sergeyev, D.O., Tipenko, G.S., Tumskoy, V.E., Khimenkov, A.N., Vlasov, A.N., Merzlyakov, V.P., Stanilovskaya, Y.V.Moscow State University, IEG RAS, IAM RAS2 (18) 201535-44
Renewable energy for power supply in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPopel, O.S., Kiseleva, S.S., Morgunova, M.M., Gabderakhmanova, T.T., Tarasenko, A.B.Moscow State University, JIHT RAS1 (17) 201564-69
The need to create a common database on the properties of seabed structureNikiforov, S.L., Lobkovsky, L.I., Romankevich, E.A., Sorokhtin, N.O., Libina, N.V., Seleznev, I.I., Andreev, M.Y., Rubanov, I.L., Popov, V.A., Koshel, S.M.Moscow State University, IO RAS, Okeanpribor2 (14) 201431-35
Parameter Assessment of Human and Natural Capital in Context of Modern Nature Management at the North of RussiaDushkova, D.O., Evseev, A.V.Moscow State University3 (7) 201238-43
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaLobkovsky, L.I., Verzhbitsky, V.E., Kononov, M.V., Schrader, A.A., Sokolov, S.S., Tuchkova, M.I., Kotelkin, V.D., Vernikovsky, V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115

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