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Arctic: ecology and economy
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The Central area of the Arctic ocean: seismostratigraphy and background of oil and gasBogoyavlensky I.V., Borukaev G.C., Sidorenko S.A., Polyakova I.D.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, GIN RAS4 (28) 201798-107
Hydrocarbon potential of Riphean-Lower Cretaceous complexes of the Laptev Sea RegionBorukaev G.C., Sidorenko S.A., Polyakova I.D.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS1 (21) 201656-65
The intensity of oil and gas generation in the western sector of the Russian ArcticBorukaev G.C., Polyakova I.D.GIN RAS2 (18) 201558-65
Stratigraphic and paleogeographic background of oil and gas exploration in the upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous sedimentary sequences of marine origin of the framing of the Laptev seaZakharov V.V., Rogov M.M.GIN RAS4 (16) 201438-47
Characteristics of Arctic gas-and-oil resource strata, paleogeographic and geodynamic aspects of their formationBogoyavlensky I.V., Polyakova I.D., Danilina A.A.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS, Minprirody of Russia1 (9) 201346-59
Prospects of Oil-and-Gas Bearing Deposits of Deep Sea in the South Kara Sea RegionBogoyavlensky V.I., Polyakova I.D.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS3 (7) 201292-103
Basic Model of Tectonic Development of the Arctic as a Basis for Preparation of the Updated Submission of Russia to the UN Commission Concerning the Establishment of the Outer Limits of Continental ShelfLobkovsky L.I., Shipilov E.V., Laverov N.P., Kononov M.M., Sokolov S.S., Vernikovsky V.V., Dobretsov N.N. 2 (6) 20124-19
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaSchrader A.A., Lobkovsky L.I., Kononov M.M., Verzhbitsky V.V., Sokolov S.S., Tuchkova M.M., Kotelkin V.V., Vernikovsky V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115

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