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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Author Index Eduard Viktorovich Shipilov


Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy


PGI KSC RAS (Polar Geophysical Institute of the Kola Scientific Center of RAS )

E-mail: shipilov@pgi.ru

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Khatanga-Lomonosov fault zone: structure, tectonic position and geodynamicsLobkovsky L.I., Shipilov E.V., Skarubo S.I. 3 (35) 201947-61
Basaltoid magmatism and the problem of the gas potential of the East-Barents megabasinShipilov E.V.PGI KSC RAS2 (30) 201894-106
Structure and the lithological composition of the section of the deposits of Kola Bay (Fiord) according to the data of drilling wells and seismoacoustics and the neotectonic conditions of its formationShipilov E.V., Skarubo S.I., Kovalchuk E.A. 4 (28) 201772-82
Late Mesozoic plume magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phases geodynamic conditions of detectionLobkovsky L.I., Shipilov E.V.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS2 (22) 201672-81
Basic Model of Tectonic Development of the Arctic as a Basis for Preparation of the Updated Submission of Russia to the UN Commission Concerning the Establishment of the Outer Limits of Continental ShelfLobkovsky L.I., Shipilov E.V., Laverov N.P., Kononov M.M., Sokolov S.S., Vernikovsky V.V., Dobretsov N.N. 2 (6) 20124-19

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DOI 10.25283/2223-4594