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On the mechanism of destruction of ice films of metastable gas hydrates and its possible application to the process of methane emission in the ArcticGaragash, I.A., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, IPE RASv14, 1 202436-45
Physico-chemical characteristics and algological composition of snow cover at river mouths in the basin of the southern-eastern part of the Barents SeaKotova, E.I., Netsvetaeva, O.P., Novikova, Y.V., Titova, K.V.IO RAS, FCIARv14, 1 2024127-134
Mapping of dangerous geological objects and processes at the Northern and Central parts of the Barents Sea shelf according to the hydroacoustic data from RV Akademik Nikolai StrakhovSokolov, S.Y., Moroz, E.A., Zarayskaya, Y.A., Abramova, A.S., Ananyev, R.A., Sukhikh, E.A.IO RAS, GIN RASv13, 2 2023164-179
Climate changes in river flow and precipitation in the White Sea RegionTolstikov, A.V., Serykh, I.V., Balagansky, A.F.IO RAS, NWPI KarRC RASv12, 4 2022464-474
Acceptable risk for Arctic shelf ecosystems based on probabilistic model calculationsSolovieva, N.V., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RASv12, 2 2022172-182
Impact of the Lomonosov diamond deposit exploitation on the Zolotitsa River ecosystemKotova, E.I., Netsvetaeva, O.P., Reshetnyak, O.S.IO RAS, Hydrochemical Institute, Russian Arctic National Parkv12, 2 2022191-199
Features of the seismic process in the western part of the Aleutian subduction zone and their possible relationship with climate changes in the ArcticVladimirova, I.S., Lobkovsky, L.I., Alekseev, D.A., Gabsatarov, Y.V.IO RAS, MIPT, GS RASv12, 1 202258-67
The nature of regional magnetic anomalies in the northeast of the Barents-Kara continental margin based on the results of seismic data interpretationShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Shkarubo, S.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"v11, 2 2021195-204
Deformation tectonic waves as a possible trigger mechanism for the activation of methane emissions in the ArcticGaragash, I.A., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, IPE RASv11, 1 202142-50
Experimental study of the permafrost thawing effect on the content of nutrients and heavy metals in seawater during abrasion destruction of the Arctic coastPogojeva, M.P., Yakushev, E.V., Petrov, I.N., Yaeski, E.A.IO RAS, State Oceanographic Institute, Northwest Branch of RPA Typhoonv11, 1 202167-75
On tectonic-geodynamic relationships of the Eurasian basin and the Lomonosov Ridge with the continental margin of Siberia according to new seismic dataShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Kirillova, T.A.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"4 (40) 202034-42
Possible seismogenic trigger mechanism of abrupt activation of methane emission and climate warming in the ArcticLobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS3 (39) 202062-72
Dynamics of nutrients in the Yenisei Gulf during the open water periodMakkaveev, P.N., Polukhin, A.A., Nalbandov, Y.R., Khlebopashev, P.V.IO RAS4 (36) 201969-82
Khatanga-Lomonosov fault zone: structure, tectonic position and geodynamicsShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Shkarubo, S.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"3 (35) 201947-61
Environmental Risk Assessment Method in the development of the Arctic shelf resourcesSolovieva, N.V., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS1 (33) 201950-60
Model of the Arlis Spur spall from the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic OceanSchrader, A.A., Schrader, A.A., Brekhovskikh, A.L., Sazhneva, A.E., Klyuev, M.S., Rakitin, I.Y., Evsenko, E.I., Greenberg, O.V.Niigazekonomika, IO RAS4 (32) 2018104-110
Ecological aspects of the presence of anomalously high suspended solids concentrations in macro-tidal estuaries of the Arctic zoneMiskevich, I.V.IO RAS3 (31) 201823-30
Dependence of oxygen saturation on the a chlorophyll content in the surface layer of the White SeaNetsvetaeva, O.P., Korobov, V.B., Makedonskaya, I.Y., Zmetnaya, M.I.IO RAS, Agency of applied ecology, North Branch of VNIRO3 (31) 201831-41
Dynamics of nutrients in estuarine area of the Lena river: results from cruises in September 2015 and 2017Makkaveev, P.N., Polukhin, A.A., Seliverstova, A.M., Sepanova, S.V., Chultsova, A.L.IO RAS, North-Western Branch of IO RAS2 (30) 201856-67
Ferromanganese crusts of Mendeleev Swell: the features of composition and formationKonstantinova, N.P., Cherkashev, G.G., Novikov, G.V., Bogdanova, O.Y., Kuznetsov, V.Y., Rekant, P.V., Mirão, J.A., Dias, L.C., Madureira, P.P.IO RAS, VSEGEI, SPbU, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia, Evora University, Estrutura de Missão3 (23) 201616-28
On tsunami hazard in the Arctic RegionKulikov, E.A., Ivashchenko, A.I., Medvedev, I.P., Yakovenko, O.I., Kovachev , S.A.IO RAS, IAG3 (23) 201638-49
Late Mesozoic plume magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phases geodynamic conditions of detectionShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS2 (22) 201672-81
Geodynamic evolution of oil and gas basins of Russian Kara-Barents Sea shelfSorokhtin, N.O., Lobkovsky, L.I., Nikiforov, S.L., Kozlov, N.E.IO RAS, GI KSC RAS2 (18) 201514-25
Geodynamic model of the Amerasian Basin of the Arctic (to the justification of belonging of the Lomonosov Ridge, the Mendeleev Elevation and Podvodnikov Trench to the Russian continental margin)Kazmin, Y.B., Lobkovsky, L.I., Kononov, M.V.IO RAS, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia4 (16) 201414-27
The need to create a common database on the properties of seabed structureNikiforov, S.L., Lobkovsky, L.I., Romankevich, E.A., Sorokhtin, N.O., Libina, N.V., Seleznev, I.I., Andreev, M.Y., Rubanov, I.L., Popov, V.A., Koshel, S.M.Moscow State University, IO RAS, Okeanpribor2 (14) 201431-35
The submarine K-27: echo of the pastLobkovsky, L.I., Dmitrevsky, N.N., Ananyev, R.A.IO RAS2 (14) 201436-39
The Geology and Oil-and-Gas Potential of the North American ArcticZabanbark, .., Lobkovsky, L.I.IO RAS3 (11) 201364-75
Experience of using automatic drifting devices to study the water column and ice cover in the Arctic at the beginning of XXI centuryPisarev, S.V.IO RAS4 (8) 201266-75
Basic Model of Tectonic Development of the Arctic as a Basis for Preparation of the Updated Submission of Russia to the UN Commission Concerning the Establishment of the Outer Limits of Continental ShelfLaverov, N.P., Lobkovsky, L.I., Kononov, M.V., Dobretsov, N.N., Vernikovsky, V.V., Sokolov, S.S., Shipilov, E.V.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS, Presidium of RAS2 (6) 20124-19
Prospects of Sea-Floor Seismography in the Russian FederationLaverov, N.P., Roslov, Y.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Tulupov, A.V., Voronov, M.A., Ganzha, O.Y.IO RAS, Presidium of RAS, Seismoshelf4 (4) 20114-13
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaLobkovsky, L.I., Verzhbitsky, V.E., Kononov, M.V., Schrader, A.A., Sokolov, S.S., Tuchkova, M.I., Kotelkin, V.D., Vernikovsky, V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115

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