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Arctic: ecology and economy
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The effect of water temperature anomalies at low latitudes of the ocean on Arctic climate variations and their predictabilityAlekseev G.V., Vyazilova A.E., Glok N.I., Ivanov N.E., Kharlanenkova N.E.AARI3 (35) 201973-83
Determination of the heeling moment acting in ice compression on the ice-resistant self-propelled platform North Pole by the model testing methodSvistunov I.A.AARI3 (35) 201997-106
The concept of an integrated information system for planning of fleet operation in the ArcticTimofeyev O.Y., Tarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Mironov Y.U., Frolov S.V., Buyanov A.S., Gorbachev M.A., Bengert A.A. 1 (33) 2019129-143
Conceptual principles for creating a polar drifting research platformPolovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Makarov A.S., Likhomanov V.A., Sokolov V.T., Chernov A.V., Mogutin Y.B.Krylov SRC, AARI3 (31) 201865-75
n registration of ice navigation risks along the Northeast PassageTripolnikov V.P.AARI2 (30) 2018125-130
Net environmental benefit analysis a tool of decision-making at oil spill responseGutnik A.N., Zatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Semanov G.N., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V., Shivaev A.A. 1 (25) 201747-58
Experimental methods for determination of total ice loads on marine engineering structuresChernov A.V., Sazonov K.E.Krylov SRC, AARI2 (22) 201690-97
Development of models for express computation of oil spills in the Barents SeaZatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V.State Oceanographic Institute, AARI, CC RAS4 (16) 201468-76
Risk analysis of oil spill spread: case of the Ob Bay of the Kara SeaZatsepa S.N., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V., Juravel V.V. 3 (15) 201430-45
Chelyuskin: Tragedy and Triumph in 1934Savatyugin L.M., Sokratova I.I.AARI, IHST RAS2 (14) 201496-107
Centenary of the Master of the Two Poles (for the anniversary of A.F.Treshnikov)Savatyugin L.M., Sokratova I.I. 1 (13) 2014104-111
100 years to the biggest land discovery in XX centurySavatyugin L.M., Sokratova I.I. 4 (12) 2013100-107
On the stability of freshwater reservoirs of East Fennoscandia to the deposition of 137Cs: the radiological aspectSavatyugin L.M., Bakunov N.N.AARI1 (9) 201324-35
Contemporary climate change in the Arctic: results of a new assessment report of the Arctic CouncilTsaturov Y.S., Klepikov A.A.AARI, ROSHYDROMET4 (8) 201276-81
Publication of Book Series Contribution of Russia to the IPY 2007/08Kotliakov V.V., Klepikov A.A., Zaitseva N.N., Dmitriev V.V., Danilov A.A., Sarukhanian E.E. 3 (7) 201254-61
Questions of stability of natural complexes of the Russian Arctic to radioactive contaminationSavatyugin L.M., Bakunov N.N., Frolov I.I.AARI1 (1) 201182-39

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