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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Author Index Oleg Yakovlevich Timofeyev


Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Deputy Director

Krylov SRC (Krylov State Research Centre)

E-mail: o_timofeev@ksrc.ru

Deputy General Director of shipbuilding and marine technology

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The concept of an integrated information system for planning of fleet operation in the ArcticTimofeyev O.Y., Tarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Mironov Y.U., Frolov S.V., Buyanov A.S., Gorbachev M.A., Bengert A.A. 1 (33) 2019129-143
Conceptual principles for creating a polar drifting research platformPolovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Makarov A.S., Likhomanov V.A., Sokolov V.T., Chernov A.V., Mogutin Y.B.Krylov SRC, AARI3 (31) 201865-75
New experimental capabilities of the Krylov State Research Center for study of ice impact on marine equipmentTimofeyev O.Y., Sazonov K.E., Denisov V.V.Krylov SRC3 (19) 201576-81
Specifics of implementation of new environmental safety requirements for ships and offshore installations in Northern seas and on the Arctic shelfValdman N.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Kryzhevich ..Krylov SRC3 (15) 201479-85

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