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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Author Index Kirill Evgenevich Sazonov


Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Head of the Laboratory

Krylov SRC (Krylov State Research Centre)

E-mail: kirsaz@rambler.ru


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Reverse motion of ships in ice: some research resultsDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E., Sapershteyn I.A.Krylov SRC4 (36) 201999-106
Fast-speed escorting of heavy tonnage vessels by icebreakers: researching in ice model tankDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E.Krylov SRC3 (31) 201876-83
Issues related to raising the speeds of heavy-tonnage cargo vessels during year-round arctic operationsSazonov K.E., Pustoshny A.V.Krylov SRC3 (27) 2017103-110
Study of world experience of ice conditions control.Sazonov K.E., Kostylev A.A.Krylov SRC3 (23) 201686-97
Experimental methods for determination of total ice loads on marine engineering structuresChernov A.V., Sazonov K.E.Krylov SRC, AARI2 (22) 201690-97
New experimental capabilities of the Krylov State Research Center for study of ice impact on marine equipmentTimofeyev O.Y., Sazonov K.E., Denisov V.V.Krylov SRC3 (19) 201576-81
Effect of change in oil viscosity to spill characteristics in cold marine environmentSazonov K.E., Lobachev M.M.Krylov SRC1 (13) 201496-103
Rescue equipment for ice conditions: the current situation and potential solutionsSazonov K.E.Krylov SRC4 (12) 201332-39
Some questions on the establishment of marine transport systems for the removal of hydrocarbons from the ArcticDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E., Dekhtyaruk Y.Y.Krylov SRC2 (10) 201384-91
The marine ice-technology development in Russia: Past and PresentSazonov K.E.Krylov SRC2 (10) 201392-103

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