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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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Biotic significant climate trends and biota dynamics of the Russian ArcticTishkov A.A., Vaisfeld M.A., Glazov P.M., Morozova O.V., Puzachenko A.Y., Tertitsky G.M., Titova S.V.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (33) 201971-87
The greening of the tundra as a driver of the modern dynamics of arctic biotaTishkov A.A., Vaisfeld M.A., Glazov P.M., Tertitsky G.M., Belonovskaya E.A., Krenke A.N.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (30) 201831-44
"Greening" of the Arctic in the twenty-first century as a synergy effect of global warming and economic developmentTishkov A.A., Krenke-Jr. A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS4 (20) 201528-37
International Scientific Initiatives in the Russian Arctic: Twenty Years of Positive Activities in the framework of the International Arctic Science CommitteeTishkov A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (17) 201586-91
Comprehensive reconstruction of the temperature of the Russian Arctic over the last two milleniaDalmann D.D., Matskovsky V.V., Klimenko V.V. 4 (12) 201384-95
Publication of Book Series Contribution of Russia to the IPY 2007/08Kotliakov V.V., Klepikov A.A., Zaitseva N.N., Dmitriev V.V., Danilov A.A., Sarukhanian E.E. 3 (7) 201254-61
The Arctic Vector in Conservation of Terrestrial Ecosystems and BiodiversityTishkov A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (6) 201228-43
From the International Polar Year to the International Polar DecadeKotliakov V.V.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (1) 20114-19

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