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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Home » Archive of journals » Issue 4(24) 2016 » Comparison and use of observations and modeling of level in the Kara Sea


JOURNAL: 2016, №4(24), p. 72-79

RUBRIC: Research activities in the Arctic

AUTHORS: Borisov E.E., Rayevsky D.D.

ORGANIZATIONS: N. N. Zubov’s State Oceanographic Institute, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences

UDC: 551.465

Keywords: time series, demodulation method, level of the Kara sea

Bibliographic description: Borisov E.E., Rayevsky D.D. Comparison and use of observations and modeling of level in the Kara Sea. The Arctic: ecology and economy, 2016, no. 4(24), pp. 72-79. DOI:. (In Russian).


The results of the comparison of model level of the Kara Sea calculated using a numerical mathematical INMOM model with observations data of sea level received by automatic recorders in the summer of 2015 are given. The observations were carried out on two buoy stations for a month. The level recorders were set at an intermediate depth of 113 m on the first station and on the bottom (35 m) on the other. To compare the series of observations made at various ways of registers setting, the data of specific observations, carried out at the same station in 2014 were used. Comparison of model series of level with observations data was carried out using the method of frequency-phase demodulation and remodulation which allows selecting the control periodic components corresponding to the period of effect of formative forces. It is shown that the main contribution to discrepancy between the compared series at random times is made by the errors associated probably with modeling of basin response to the predicted atmospheric wind impact.


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