The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 2(22) 2016

Issue 2(22) 2016


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I. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic

Fundamental aspects of rational development of oil and gas resources of the Arctic and Russian shelf: strategy, prospects and challenges, N. P. laverov, V. I. Bogoyavlensky, I. V. Bogoyavlensky

Pre-conditions of oil and gas potential of “expanded” legal shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean, V. L. Ivanov, V. D. Kaminsky, V. A. Poselov, O. I. Suprunenko, O. E. Smirnov

Prospects for the mining industry in Greenland, A. V. Volkov, A. L. Galyamov

About probable diamond content of sediments of the White Sea Neck, A. N. Evdokimov

II. Economics and management in the Arctic zone

Features of population settlement in the Arctic zone of Russia, V. V. Fauzer, T. S. Lytkina, G. N. Fauzer

Evaluation and selection of investment solutions for oil and gas development in the Arctic, A. Yu. Nikulina

Social responsibility of mining companies in the territory of traditional nature management as a basis for partnership between the government, business and indigenous peoples of the North, I. M. Potravny, V. V. Gassiy, V. N. Chernogradsky, A. V. Postnikov

III. Ecology

Autonomous bottom station of express control as part of an integrated system for monitoring and control of radiation and chemical contamination of the Arctic seas, A. I. Vyalyshev, V. M. Dobrov, V. V. Stoyanov, V. A. Panteleev, M. D. Segal

IV. Research activities in the Arctic

Late Mesozoic plume magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phases geodynamic conditions of detection, E. V. Shipilov, L. I. Lobkovsky

V. New technologies for the Arctic

Electrochemical profiling is effective and environmentally friendly method of search and exploration of hydrocarbons in the Arctic seas, E. M. Snopova, V. M. Anokhin, M. A. Kholmyansky

VI. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

The experimental methods for determination of total ice loads on marine engineering structures, K. E. Sazonov, A. V. Chernov

VII. Safety of human activities in the Arctic

The application and evaluation of methods for metal working by explosion when performing the tasks in the areas of the Arctic region difficult of access, V. A. Sednev



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