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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Author Index Alexander Pavlovich Novoselov


Doctor of Biological Sciences

. .. () (North Branch of Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography), N. Laverov Federal Center for Integrated Arctic Research

E-mail: novoselov@pinro. ru

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The perspective directions of the fresh-water aquaculture in the European North of RussiaTortsev A.M., Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Semushin A.V., Studenov I.I. 2 (26) 2017105-116
Compensation for damages to aquatic biological resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation on the example of the Northern fishery basinTortsev A.M., Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Studenov I.I. 1 (21) 20166-17
Integrated problems and directions for improving compensatory measures to restore fish resources of the Northern Fishery BasinTortsev A.M., Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Studenov I.I. 3 (15) 20149-17
Environmental divesrity of ichtiofauna of freshwater system of Belomorsko-Kuloysky Peninsula (Archangelsk Region)Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Studenov I.I. 4 (12) 201370-80
Physical and geographical features of the aquatic ecosystems of the White Sea-Kuloy Peninsula (Arkhangelsk region)Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Studenov I.I. 1 (9) 201336-45
State of whitefish of Pechora basin in terms of multi-factor anthropogenic impactLukin A.A., Novoselov A.P., Studenov I.I., Bezumova A.A., Bulatova I.I., Borovskoj A.A. 4 (8) 201226-35

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