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Environmental assessment of different fuel types for energy production in the Arctic regions of the Russian Far EastMaysyuk E.P., Ivanova I.Y.ESI SB RAS1 (37) 202026-36
Special Features of Handling Non-defueled K-27 Nuclear Submarine Dumped in the Arctic Following Its Prospective LiftingAntipov S.V., Kobrinskiy .., Shvedov P.A., Kulikov K.N., Nizamutdinov R.A., Lodochnikov S.V. 1 (37) 202037-44
Is it possible to restore the Arctic lake ecosystems after long-term pollution?Moiseenko T.I., Denisov D.B. 4 (36) 201916-25
Elimination of accumulated environmental damage in the Arctic: approaches and limitations for oil-contaminated sites remediationKulikova O.A., Mazlova E.A.Gubkin RSUOG4 (36) 201926-37
Apatite mining and processing production and eutrophication of the Arctic Lake ImandraKashulin N.A., Bekkelund A.A., Dauvalter V.A., Petrov O.V. 3 (35) 201916-34
Experience in studying the particle size distribution of atmospheric precipitation of some settlements of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)Drozd V.A., Panchenko S.V., Khoroshikh P.P., Chernishev V.V., Kholodov A.S., Chaika V.V., Tkachev V.V., Golokhvast K.S. 3 (35) 201935-46
The structure of nature management in the Arctic territories of the Russian Far EastStepanko N.G.PGI FEB RAS2 (34) 201918-30
Environmental Risk Assessment Method in the development of the Arctic shelf resourcesSolovieva N.V., Lobkovsky L.I.IO RAS1 (33) 201950-60
Territorial protection of rare and endangeredplant species in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya A.A., Kruglova S.A., Khrisanov V.R., Snakin V.V. 1 (33) 201961-70
Sustainable water use in the Arctic. New approaches and solutionsKashulin N.A., Dauvalter V.A., Skoufina T.P., Kotelnikov V.A.INEP KSC RAS, IES KSC RAS, Polar Alpine Botanical Garden4 (32) 201815-29
Under ice oil spill response in the remote Arctic watersToropov E.E., Shabalin A.A., Mokhov O.A.CDB ME Rubin4 (32) 201830-42
Mapping of plant species protected at the federal level in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPrisyazhnaya A.A., Kruglova S.A., Khrisanov V.R., Snakin V.V. 4 (32) 201843-54
Ensuring ecological safety in the development of the shelf seas resources and the environmental management on the basis of the sustainability assessment of marine ecosystems to technogenic impactDrozdov V.V.Krylov SRC4 (32) 201855-69
Ecological aspects of the presence of anomalously high suspended solids concentrations in macro-tidal estuaries of the Arctic zoneMiskevich I.V.IO RAS3 (31) 201823-30
Dependence of oxygen saturation on the a chlorophyll content in the surface layer of the White SeaNetsvetaeva O.P., Korobov V.B., Makedonskaya I.Y., Zmetnaya M.I. 3 (31) 201831-41
Accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in plants of tundra affected by thermal power station in the vicinities of VorkutaYakovleva E.V., Gabov D.N.IB Komi SC UB RAS2 (30) 201818-30
Possible environmental consequences of the economic development of the northern territories of the Far East of RussiaStepanko N.G., Stepanko A.A., Tkachenko G.G.PGI FEB RAS1 (29) 201826-36
The integrated estimation methodology of the environmental in the Arctic using aerospace image situationGrigorieva O.V., Ivanets M.O., Markov A.V., Terentyeva V.V.Military Space Academy1 (29) 201837-47
Nuclear Legacy Cleanup in the Continental Part of Russia as a Condition for Radiation Safety in the ArcticKryukov O.V., Abramov A.A., Linge I.I., Ivanov A.Y.IBRAE RAN, Rosatom4 (28) 201749-58
Prospects for the Development of Automated Radiation Monitoring Systems in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions through the Integrated Use of Mobile Radiation Monitoring DevicesArutyunyan R.V., Gavrilov S.L., Popov E.V.IBRAE RAN3 (27) 201739-48
The assessment of the current state of water quality in the Norilsk industrial regionBazova M.M., Koshevoi D.V. 3 (27) 201749-60
Radiogeochemical investigations of the Kola Peninsula landscapesVorobyova T.A., Evseev A.V., Kuzmenkova N.V. 2 (26) 201717-26
Improvement the technologies of recultivation landscapes on slopes in the Far NorthPystina N.B., Unanian K.L., Ilyakova E.E., Khokhlachev N.S., Luzhkov V.A. 2 (26) 201727-34
Kumzhinskoye Gas Condensate Field Disaster: reasons, results and ways of eliminating the consequencesBogoyavlensky V.I., Perekalin S.O., Boichuk V.M., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Kargina T.N. 1 (25) 201732-46
Net environmental benefit analysis a tool of decision-making at oil spill responseSemanov G.N., Gutnik A.N., Zatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V., Shivaev A.A. 1 (25) 201747-58
Assessment of current geo-ecological status of the Kola Bay based on geochemical dataShakhverdov V.A., Shakhverdova M.V.VSEGEI4 (24) 201622-31
Development of methodological approaches to the assessment of economic losses caused by oil spills in formation of insurance protection of off shore facilities on the shelfValdman N.A., Malyarenko N.N., Kulikova L.A., Kuzyachkin S.N., Emelyanov R.R. 3 (23) 201650-57
Autonomous bottom station of express control as part of an integrated system for monitoring and control of radiation and chemical contamination of the Arctic seasVyalyshev A.I., Dobrov V.M., Stoyanov V.V., Panteleev V.A., Segal M.D. 2 (22) 201664-71
Compensation for damages to aquatic biological resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation on the example of the Northern fishery basinNovoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Studenov I.I., Tortsev A.M. 1 (21) 20166-17
Formation of chemical composition of the waters of the Murmansk Region under the conditions of functioning of mining and metallurgical enterprisesMoiseenko T.I., Gashkina N.A. 4 (20) 20154-13
The pressing problems of prevention and removal of oil spills in the Arctic and the methods of assessment of environmental damage to coastal areasPavlenko V.I., Muangu Z.E., Korobov V.B., Lokhov A.S.North-Western Branch of IO RAS, FCIAR3 (19) 20154-11
Technical issues of decommissioning of nuclear icebreakersDomanov A.A., Mantula N.V., Kulikov K.N., Nizamutdinov R.A., Kolomiets B.I., Sandler N.G. 1 (17) 201582-85
Environmental impact assessment of construction and operation of gas pipeline underwater crossing through the Baydaratskaya Bay (Kara Sea)Mironuyk S.G. 3 (15) 201472-78
Specifics of implementation of new environmental safety requirements for ships and offshore installations in Northern seas and on the Arctic shelfTimofeyev O.Y., Valdman N.A., Kryzhevich ..Krylov SRC3 (15) 201479-85
Environmental safety ensuring in the use of nuclear energy for civilian nuclear fleetPastukhov A.A., Fomina N.N., Bezhina N.N., Babchenko A.A. 2 (14) 201478-91
The Problems of Elimination of Accumulated Environmental Damage in the Chukotka Autonomous OkrugSafonova O.A.Committee for Nature and Environmental Protection of the Chukotka AO1 (13) 201474-79
The problem of floating maintenance base LepseFilppov M.P., Abramov A.N., Kashka M.M., Kulikov K.N., Nizamutdinov R.A. 1 (13) 201480-87
Technology of explosive works in fragmentation of drums and major equipment in remote regions of the Far NorthSednev V.A., Kopnyshev S.L.Academy of State Fire-Prevention Service4 (12) 201396-99
Technological Aspects of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Enhancement of Nuclear and Radiation Safety during Environmental Remediation of Former Coastal Maintenance Base in Chervyanaya Bay (Gremikha)Varnavin A.P., Vasin S.E., Vasiliev .., Diakov A.V., Zhukova .., Korolev A.V., Kukharkin N.E., Mironenko-Marenkova M.E., Novikova L.P., Pavlov V.V., Stepennov B.S., Sukhoruchkin A.K., Stepennov D.B., Fedoseenkov A.N., Shkuratova E.Y., Usatyi A.F.NRC Kurchatov Institute3 (11) 20134-24
Sources and Extreme Levels of Environment Pollution by Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Business Areas of Russian Companies on the Spitsbergen archipelago (Svalbard)Demin B.N., Graevskiy A.P., Krylov S.S., Demeshkin A.S., Vlasov S.V. 3 (11) 201325-39
Initial data requirements for modeling of the ice exaration impact on buried pipelinesNaumov M.A., Onishchenko D.A. 2 (10) 20134-17
Arctic: Problem of the accumulated environmental damageSokolov Y.I.Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies2 (10) 201318-27
On the stability of freshwater reservoirs of East Fennoscandia to the deposition of 137Cs: the radiological aspectBakunov N.A., Savatyugin L.M.AARI1 (9) 201324-35
Physical and geographical features of the aquatic ecosystems of the White Sea-Kuloy Peninsula (Arkhangelsk region)Studenov I.I., Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I. 1 (9) 201336-45
Priority projects of the program of the Arctic Sea rehabilitation from sunken and submerged nuclear and radiation hazardous objects and the necessity for international cooperationSarkisov A.A., Antipov S.V., Vysotsky V.V.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 20124-15
Sustainability of the natural environment of the Pechora-Ural ArcticTikhonova T.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North4 (8) 201216-25
State of whitefish of Pechora basin in terms of multi-factor anthropogenic impactNovoselov A.P., Studenov I.I., Bezumova A.L., Bulatova I.V., Borovskoj A.V., Lukin A.A. 4 (8) 201226-35
Operational control of the concrete strength properties using a non-destructive method in the construction of critical concrete structures in the Arctic conditionsKonukhin V.V., Smirnov Y.G., Orlov A.O.MI KSC RAS4 (8) 201236-39
The Experience of Seismotomographical Investigations of the Soil Condition of RW Treatment and Long-Term Storage Facilities at Saida BayKonukhin V.V., Abramov N.N., Kabeyev E.V.MI KSC RAS3 (7) 201230-37
Parameter Assessment of Human and Natural Capital in Context of Modern Nature Management at the North of RussiaDushkova D.O., Evseev A.V.Moscow State University3 (7) 201238-43
Environmental Safety and Monitoring of Exploratory Works on Gas in Ob and Taz Bays in 2000-2009Sochnev O.Y., Sochneva I.O., Khistyaev .. 3 (7) 201244-53
The Arctic Vector in Conservation of Terrestrial Ecosystems and BiodiversityTishkov A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (6) 201228-43
Prospects of Russian- Norwegian Researches in the Arctic Environment ProtectionLukin A.A., Pavlenko V.I., Bambulyak A.N., Larsen L.L. 2 (6) 201244-57
The Research of Underground Sources for Water Supply of Cities in the North (City of Apatity as an Example)Konukhin V.V., Kozyrev .., Orlov A.O., Smirnov Y.G.MI KSC RAS2 (6) 201258-65
Radioecological Conditions at Novaya Zemlya ArchipelagoSych Y.G., Dubinko L.L. 1 (5) 201248-59
Exploration of Bottom Relief of the Arctic Basin for Multi-Purpose Programs of the Environmental SafetyNaryshkin G.D., Petrov D.M.JSC Centre Sevzapgeoinform1 (5) 201260-67
Explosive bjects at the Bottom of the Arctic Seas Risk Factor for Economic Activity in SeasBystrov B.B., Pirozhenko V.V., Blinkov V.I. 1 (5) 201268-73
Studying Changes in the Tazovsky Peninsula Vegetation Cover Based on Satellite ImagesKornienko S.G., Yakubson K.I.OGRI RAS4 (4) 201146-57
Cold War Ecological Legacy Elimination in the Arctic Region of Russia: the International CooperationSarkisov A.A., Antipov S.V., Kalinin R.I., Kobrinskiy .., Shvedov P.A.IBRAE RAN3 (3) 201148-59
Damaged Soil of the North and Remediation ProblemsKapelkina L.P. 3 (3) 201160-67
Radiation Monitoring and Emergency Response System Improvement at the North-West Region of RussiaArutyunyan R.V., Bolshov L.A., Gavrilov S.L., Kiselev V.P., Nikitin V.S., Ogar` K.V., Osipjantz I.A., Sarkisov A.A.IBRAE RAN2 (2) 201118-25
Cooperative Russian-Norwegian Investigations of the Western Arctic Seas Radioactive Contamination at the Areas under Local Sources ExposureNikitin A.A., Shershakov V.V., Tsaturov Y.S.ROSHYDROMET, Typhoon NPO2 (2) 201126-35
Planning of Operations Concerning Oil Spills Prevention and Elimination of Prirazlomnoje FieldMansurov M.N., Marichev A.V., Efremkin I.M. 2 (2) 201136-41
Environmental Feasibility Study of Rational Nature Management in the European NorthTaskaev A.I., Archegova I.B.IB Komi SC UB RAS2 (2) 201142-47
Basic Network of Environmental Safety Observatories in the Russian Arctic RegionsPitulko V.M., Donchenko V.K. 2 (2) 201148-57
Environmental Investigations of Oil and Gas Development in the Eastern Part of the Barents SeaIshkov A.G., Minasjan V.V., Prischepa B.F., Sharifullin M.S., Shakhin D.A. 2 (2) 201158-63
Ecological safety of the Russian Arctic: some organizational and legal aspectsNeyolov Y.V. 1 (1) 201162-69
Problems of radiation rehabilitation of the Arctic seas, methods and ways of their solutionSarkisov A.A., Vysotsky V.V., Sivintsev Y.V., Nikitin V.S. 1 (1) 201170-81
Questions of stability of natural complexes of the Russian Arctic to radioactive contaminationBakunov N.A., Savatyugin L.M., Frolov I.E.AARI1 (1) 201182-39
On the conservation of the natural environment of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSolovjanov A.A. 1 (1) 201194-103
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaLobkovsky L.I., Verzhbitsky V.E., Kononov M.V., Schrader A.A., Sokolov S.S., Tuchkova M.I., Kotelkin V.D., Vernikovsky V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115
Legal and regulatory framework for ensuring environmental safety in offshore oil and gas production in the ArcticValdman N.A., Jarkich N.V., Pystina N.B., Buchgalter E.B., Ilyakova E.E. 1 (1) 2011116-123

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