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Role of FSUE Atomflot in the implementation of programs for the rehabilitation of nuclear legacy facilities and in the system of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management in the Murmansk regionKashka, M.M., Efanskaya, E.A., Matviishina, K.A., Tkachenko, D.A., Bogdanov, A.Y., Kobzev, V.A.Atomflot, Moscow office of Atomflotv11, 4 2021481-492
The role of the nuclear icebreaker fleet in achieving the national goal of increasing in fright traffic in the water area of the Northern Sea RouteKashka, M.M., Irlitsa, L.A., Efanskaya, E.A., Matviishina, K.A., Golovinsky, S.A.Atomflot, Moscow office of Atomflotv11, 1 2021101-110
Major Scientific and Technical Problems in Radiation-Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear-powered Icebreakers: Decision OptionsKulikov, K.N., Nizamutdinov, R.A., Blagoveshchensky, A.Y., Titov, N.V., Mantula, N.V., Domanov, A.A.NIPTB Onega, Atomflot2 (30) 2018118-124
Modernization of FSUE Atomflot Infrastructure and Material and Technical Resources Aimed at Provision of Environmental Safety in the Northwest of RussiaKashka, M.M., Efanskaya, E.A., Kobzev, V.A., Bogdanov, A.Y., Tkachenko, D.A.Atomflot1 (25) 2017130-136
Icebreaker support for the largest national Arctic hydrocarbon projectsRuksha, V.V., Golovinsky, S.A., Belkin, M.S.Atomflot4 (24) 2016109-113
The prospects for development of nuclearpowered icebreaker fleetKashka, M.M., Smirnov, A.A., Golovinsky, S.A., Vorobyev, V.M., Ryzhkov, A.V., Babich, E.M.Atomflot, Aysberg3 (23) 201698-107
Structure and dynamics of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route: the history, present and prospectsRuksha, V.V., Belkin, M.S., Smirnov, A.A., Arutyunyan, V.G.Atomflot4 (20) 2015104-110
Year-round navigation in the port of SabettaSpirin, A.M., Chachin, D.D., Smirnov, A.A.Atomflot3 (19) 201588-95
On creation and development of radiation safety system at nuclear icebreaker fleetNetsetsky, A.M.Atomflot2 (18) 2015104-111
Technical issues of decommissioning of nuclear icebreakersDomanov, A.A., Mantula, N.V., Kulikov, K.N., Nizamutdinov, R.A., Kolomiets, B.I., Sandler, N.G.NIPTB Onega, Atomflot, Afrikantov OKBM1 (17) 201582-85
55th anniversary of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet and development of the Northern Sea RouteSmirnov, A.A., Golovinsky, S.A.Atomflot4 (16) 2014108-113
Designs of RITM-200 reactor installation intended to provide environmentally safe and cost-effective operation of multipurpose nuclear icebreaker on Arctic routesKnyazevsky, K.Y., Fadeev, Y.P., Pakhomov, A.N., Polunichev, V.I., Veshnjakov, K.B., Cabin, S.V.Atomflot, Afrikantov OKBM3 (15) 201486-91
Environmental safety ensuring in the use of nuclear energy for civilian nuclear fleetPastukhov, A.A., Fomina, N.N., Bezhina, N.N., Babchenko, A.A.Atomflot2 (14) 201478-91
The problem of floating maintenance base LepseFilppov, M.P., Abramov, A.N., Kashka, M.M., Kulikov, K.N., Nizamutdinov, R.A.NIPTB Onega, Atomflot1 (13) 201480-87
Extending the Lifetime of Reactor Plants of the Nuclear Icebreakers.Safety Ensuring in the Extended PeriodDarbinyan, O.E., Filimoshkin, S.V., Fadeev, Y.P., Pakhomov, A.N., Vasyukov, V.I., Molokova , T.V.Atomflot, Afrikantov OKBM1 (13) 201488-95
Failures of Steam Generator Pipe Systems at Nuclear Powered Vessels: Analysis of Possible Causes and MechanismsBakhmetiev, A.M., Sandler, N.G., Bylov, I.A., Baklanov, A.V., Kashka, M.M., Filimoshkin, S.V.Atomflot, Afrikantov OKBM3 (11) 201397-101
Establishment of the spent nuclear fuel overload regional center on the FSUE "Atomflot"Kashka, M.M., Abramov, A.N., Chestnih , I.I.Atomflot2 (10) 201372-79
Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet and development prospects of the Northern Sea RouteRuksha, V.V., Smirnov, A.A., Golovinsky, S.A.Atomflot1 (9) 201378-83
Experience and Prospects of the Russian Icebreaking Fleet Operation in the ArcticKashka, M.M., Mantula, N.V., Ponomarenko, A.V.Atomflot3 (7) 201284-91
Economical Development of the Arctic and Nuclear Ice-Breaking Fleet of RussiaRuksha, V.V., Smirnov, A.A., Golovinsky, S.A., Rodionova, L.L., Ivanov, A.V., Nikolaev, P.P., Peresypkin, V.V.CMRDI, Atomflot, CSR North-West1 (5) 201216-25
Safe and Secure Use of Nuclear Power at Civil Nuclear Fleet as a Basis of FSUE Atomflots Environmental PolicyKashka, M.M., Golovinsky, S.A., Antonov, O.N., Vorobyev, V.M., Belozerov, L.L., Ryzhkov, A.V., Yarosh, V.I.CMRDI, Atomflot, Aysberg4 (4) 201134-45
LENIN Legendary Nuclear Ice BreakerKhlopkin, N.N., Barinov, A.A.Atomflot, NRC Kurchatov Institute2 (2) 2011102-109
Atomic icebreaking fleet of Russia and the prospects for the development of the Northern Sea RouteRuksha, V.V., Smirnov, A.A., Kashka, M.M., Babich, N.N.Atomflot1 (1) 201152-61

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