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Northern delivery as a trigger for the transport development in the Arctic zone of Yakutia and the Far East as a wholeLeonov, S.N., Zaostrovskikh, E.A.ERI FEB RASv13, 4 2023601-612
Organization of transport services for the population of the Russian Arctic remote areas (using the example of the Arkhangelsk region)Nenasheva, M.V., Grishchenko, I.V.NAHEM, NAFUv13, 4 2023613-623
Experience of introduction of musk oxen to Zavyalov Island in Tauiskaya Bay of the northern part of the Sea of OkhotskGorshunov, M.B.IBPN FEB RASv13, 4 2023624-633
The ways of combining nature conservation and recreation activities in the Arctic: the Teriberka Nature Park example (Murmansk Region)Borovichev, E.A., Kozhin, M.N., Belkina, O.A., Khimich, Y.R., Petrov, V.N., Shulina, M.V.INEP KSC RAS, Polar Alpine Botanical Garden, Kandalaksha Reserve, Tourism Committee of the Murmansk Regionv13, 3 2023461-472
Features of the spatial distribution of 137Cs, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th in the soils of the city of Kirovsk (Murmansk region)Iglovsky, S.A., Bazhenov, A.V., Kriauciunas, V.V., Yakovlev, E.Y.FCIARv13, 3 2023473-481
Problem-solving technique for transporting aviation fuel to remote airfields in the Arctic regions of Yakutia and Far NorthGorbunov, V.P., Struchkova, A..NEFU, Yakutia Airlinesv13, 2 2023271-279
The dairy farming development in the Arctic zone of the Republics of Karelia and Komi, Arkhangelsk region: opportunities and forms of supportSurovtsev, V.N.IAERD St. Petersburg FRC RASv13, 1 2023149-157
Agricultural sector of the North and the Arctic: historical aspect, directions of developmentIvanov, V.A.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the Northv12, 4 2022559-571
Formation of an eco-industrial zone in the Karelian Arctic: spatial background, resource potential, human capitalVolkov, A.D., Vasilieva, A.V., Karginova-Gubinova, V.V.IE KarRC RASv12, 4 2022572-584
Prospects for the development of regional aviation in the Far North and the tasks of increasing the transport accessibility of the Arctic and the Far EastGorbunov, V.P.Yakutia Airlinesv12, 3 2022367-375
Methodological approach to the study of tourism systems in the Northern and Arctic regions on the Russian Federation (on the example of the European North)Moroshkina, M.V., Vasilieva, A.V., Kondratyeva, S.V.Karelian Research Centre of RASv12, 3 2022376-386
The effectiveness evaluation of implementing micro-hydroelectric power plants for the ecotourism development in remote areas of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Murmansk region)Bezhan, A.V., Konovalova, O.E.NERC KSC RASv12, 2 2022288-297
Arctic reindeer herding in Yakutia in the context of industrial development of the territory: conflict of interest or prospects for cooperationRodnina, N.V.ASAUv12, 1 2022140-151
Natural resources, settlement system and the role of single-industry towns in the spatial organization development of the Arctic Karelia regional economyVolkov, A.D., Tishkov, S.V., Druzhinin, P.V.IE KarRC RASv11, 4 2021582-595
Features ensuring food security for the population of the North and Arctic of RussiaIvanov, V.A.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the Northv11, 4 2021596-606
Ecological and economic assessment of public health in the Komi RepublicDmitrieva, T.E., Fomina, V.F.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the Northv11, 3 2021436-448
The role of wind energy in the socio-economic development of the Russian Arctic zone regions (on the example of the Murmansk region)Bezhan, A.V.NERC KSC RASv11, 3 2021449-457
The rural population dynamics of in the Arctic regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the post-Soviet period: general trends and geographical differencesSavvinova, A.N., Filippova, V.V., Litvinenko, T.V.NEFU, Institute of Geography, RAS, IHRISN SB RASv11, 2 2021277-290
Possibilities of applying the concept of winter city in the Russian Arctic (on the example of the city of Nadym)Fedorov, R.Y., Sizov, O.S., Kuklina, V.V., Lobanov, A.A., Soromotin, A.V., Pechkin, A.S., Pechkina, Y.A., Esau, I.N.OGRI RAS, Tyumen State University, ECI Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS, Scientific Center for the Study of the Arctic, George Washington University, NMRC RB, Nansen ERSCv11, 2 2021291-303
Corporate social responsibility in the course of industrial development of Yakutia: last decade experienceGavrilyeva, T.N., Yakovleva, N.P., Boyakova, S.I., Ivanova, M.A.NEFU, IHRISN SB RAS, Newcastle University Londonv11, 1 2021122-134
Impact of state support on the development of agriculture and rural areas in the European North of RussiaSmirnova, V.V.IAERD St. Petersburg FRC RASv11, 1 2021135-145
Problems of power supply in the public utility sector of the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)Shakirov, V.A., Tuguzova, T.F., Muzychuk, R.I.ESI SB RAS4 (40) 2020106-116
Socio-economic development of the village of Tiksi in the Russian Arctic: strategy and growth potentialIvanova, P.Y., Potravnaya, E.V.ICEAC, MDAAP of Yakutia4 (40) 2020117-129
Prospects for the development of Arctic cruise tourism in the western sector of the Russian ArcticKunnikov, A.V.National Park Russian Arctic4 (40) 2020130-138
Socio-economic development of coastal municipal areas of the White Sea regionKurilo, A.E., Druzhinin, P.V., Shkiperova, G.T., Prokopiev, Y.A.IE KarRC RAS2 (38) 202097-108
The coastal territories of the Arkhangelsk region: the development of natural resources and socio-economic developmentTortsev, A.M.FCIAR2 (38) 2020109-121
The entrepreneurship phenomenon in the Yamal reindeer farming: assessment of the situation, paradoxes and contradictions, choice of the futurePilyasov, A.N., Kibenko, V.A.Institute for Regional Consulting, Scientific Center for the Study of the Arctic1 (37) 2020122-135
Strategy formation for reindeer farming development in the Arctic sub-region of the Russian European North-EastIvanov, V.A.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (35) 2019135-145
Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus L.) a perspective aquaculture object for the North of RussiaNikandrov, V.Y., Pavlisov, A.A., Shindavina, N.I., Lukin, A.A., Golod, V.M., Lipatova, M.I.FSGZR3 (31) 2018137-143
Efficiency of management of fishery resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: features of assessmentTortsev, A.M.FCIAR2 (30) 2018131-141
Problems of municipal infrastructure development of the subarctic territories of the Komi RepublicFomina, V.F.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (27) 2017118-133
The perspective directions of the fresh-water aquaculture in the European North of RussiaPavlenko, V.I., Novoselov, A.P., Studenov, I.I., Semushin, A.V., Tortsev, A.M.North Branch of VNIRO, FCIAR2 (26) 2017105-116
Arctic specifics of food supply and development of Agriculture of the European North-East of RussiaIvanov, V.A., Ivanova, E.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North2 (26) 2017117-130
Prospects for development of aquaculture in the western part of the Russian Arctic Lukin, A.A., Bogdanova, V.A., Kostyunichev, V.V., Korolev, A.E.Saint Petersburg branch of VNIRO4 (24) 2016100-108
Effect of anthropogenic impact on ecological capacity of the Arctic territories of the Republic of KomiTikhonova, T.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (23) 2016108-115
On the issue of the need to enhance the approaches to implementation of state housing policy at the municipal levelKutsenko, S.Y.Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS4 (12) 201340-49
Key Aspects of Science in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous RegionKobylkin, D.D.YNAR Government1 (5) 20124-7
The Area of New PossibilitiesDmitrienko, D.V.Murmansk Region Government2 (2) 201186-89
Belomorie is the Region of the Arctic Challenges Solving.Filatov, N.N., Terjevik, A.Y., Druzhinin, P.V.NWPI KarRC RAS, IE KarRC RAS2 (2) 201190-101

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