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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Strategy formation for reindeer farming development in the Arctic sub-region of the Russian European North-EastIvanov V.A.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (35) 2019135-145
Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus L.) a perspective aquaculture object for the North of RussiaNikandrov V.Y., Pavlisov A.A., Shindavina N.I., Lukin A.A., Golod V.M., Lipatova M.I.FSGZR3 (31) 2018137-143
Efficiency of management of fishery resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: features of assessmentTortsev A.M.FCIAR2 (30) 2018131-141
Problems of municipal infrastructure development of the subarctic territories of the Komi RepublicFomina V.F.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (27) 2017118-133
The perspective directions of the fresh-water aquaculture in the European North of RussiaTortsev A.M., Novoselov A.P., Pavlenko V.I., Semushin A.V., Studenov I.I. 2 (26) 2017105-116
Arctic specifics of food supply and development of Agriculture of the European North-East of RussiaIvanov V.A., Ivanova E.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North2 (26) 2017117-130
Prospects for development of aquaculture in the western part of the Russian Arctic Lukin A.A., Bogdanova V.V., Kostyunichev V.V., Korolev A.A. 4 (24) 2016100-108
Effect of anthropogenic impact on ecological capacity of the Arctic territories of the Republic of KomiTikhonova T.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North3 (23) 2016108-115
On the issue of the need to enhance the approaches to implementation of state housing policy at the municipal levelKutsenko S.S. 4 (12) 201340-49
Key Aspects of Science in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous RegionKobylkin D.D. 1 (5) 20124-7
The Area of New PossibilitiesDmitrienko D.V. 2 (2) 201186-89
Belomorie is the Region of the Arctic Challenges Solving.Filatov N.N., Druzhinin P.V., Terjevik A.A.NWPI KarRC RAS, IE KarRC RAS2 (2) 201190-101

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