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Application of space technologies in metallogenic analysis of the Russian Arctic territoryVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Belousov P.E., Wolfson A.A.IGEM RAS2 (38) 202077-85
Geological background to search underwater accumulations of mammoth ivory by sonar in the Russian ArcticSmirnov A.N., Kalinovskiy K.K.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia2 (38) 202086-96
Geophysical model of the Earths crust, geodynamic conditions and prospects for discovering Carlin-type ore deposits in the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L.IGEM RAS1 (37) 202082-94
Engineering and geological conditions for the development of the water part of the Kruzenshtern deposit in the Kara SeaDzublo A.D., Alekseeva K.V.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG1 (37) 202095-108
Mammoth tusks getting as a type of traditional nature managementPotravny I.M., Protopopov A.V., Gassiy V.V. 1 (37) 2020109-121
Logical and information models for forecast and rapid assessment of new gold deposits in the Arctic zone of RussiaChizhova I.A., Lobanov K.V., Volkov A.V.IGEM RAS4 (36) 2019107-117
Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold and Related Deposits: Geological and Genetic Models and Perspectives for the Arctic Regions of RussiaSoloviev S.G.IGEM RAS4 (36) 2019118-130
Depth structure and ore-forming systems of the Pechenga ore region (Russian Arctic Zone)Lobanov K.V., Chicherov M.V., Sharov N.V., Chizhova I.A., Gornostaeva T.A.IGEM RAS, IG KarRC RAS3 (35) 2019107-122
Mineral and raw material base of the Karelian Arctic: prospects of development and explorationIvashchenko V.I., Shchiptsov V.V.IG KarRC RAS3 (35) 2019123-134
Geodynamic formation setting of the strategic metal deposits in the Russian Arctic zoneVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V.IGEM RAS2 (34) 2019109-119
The mineral wealth of the Circum-Arctic BeltVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V.IGEM RAS1 (33) 2019106-117
Rare-metal potential of placer deposits and weathering crusts of the Russian ArcticLalomov A.V., Bochneva A.A.IGEM RAS4 (32) 2018111-122
The two-frequency radio-holographic method to visualize in the earths crust the location of geoelectrical heterogeneities associated with local ore bodies (on the example of the Monchegorsk ore region, the Kola Peninsula)Ljubchich V.A., Grigorev V.F., Sidorenko A.E.PGI KSC RAS4 (32) 2018123-134
Forecast-exploration model of gold deposits associated with granitoid intrusions of the Russian Arctic zoneVolkov A.V., Sidorov A.A.IGEM RAS3 (31) 201884-99
Use of multicriteria approach and methods of fuzzy mathematics for estimating development conditions of arctic seas in terms of southeastern part of the Barents SeaPivovarov K.N., Zolotukhin A.B.Gubkin RSUOG3 (31) 2018100-111
The magnet of globalization Chinas Arctic PolicyPilyasov A.N. 3 (31) 2018112-122
Technologies for Remote Detection and Monitoring of the Earth Degassing in the Arctic: Yamal Peninsula, Neito LakeBogoyavlensky V.I., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Nikonov R.A., Sizov O.S. 2 (30) 201883-93
Basaltoid magmatism and the problem of the gas potential of the East-Barents megabasinShipilov E.V.PGI KSC RAS2 (30) 201894-106
Gold ore deposits and Cretaceous granitoid magmatism of ChukotkaGalyamov A.L., Volkov A.V., Sidorov A.A.IGEM RAS1 (29) 2018104-115
Prospects of gold mining development in the Chukotka Autonomous districtVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Sidorov A.A.IGEM RAS4 (28) 201783-97
The Central area of the Arctic ocean: seismostratigraphy and background of oil and gasBogoyavlensky I.V., Borukaev G.C., Sidorenko S.A., Polyakova I.D.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, GIN RAS4 (28) 201798-107
Exploration model disseminated gold-sulphide deposits of Arctic zone of RussiaVolkov A.V., Sidorov A.A.IGEM RAS2 (26) 201762-75
Prospects for identifying strategic metals deposits in the Russian ArcticGalyamov A.L., Volkov A.V., Lobanov K.V., Murashov K.Y.IGEM RAS1 (25) 201759-74
Water transport and energetic of North European part of Russia (a review)Filatov N.N., Karpechko V.A., Litvinenko A.V., Bogdanova M.S.NWPI KarRC RAS1 (25) 201775-85
Low-sulfide platinum ores of Norilsk area promising sources of precious metalsSluzhenikin S.F., Distler V.V., Grigoryeva A.V.IGEM RAS4 (24) 201632-45
Search-oriented geologicalgenetic model of tin placers of tectonic terraces of the Arctic Zone of the Russian FederationLalomov A.V., Chefranov R.M., Chefranova A.V., Bochneva A.A.IGEM RAS3 (23) 201676-85
Fundamental aspects of the rational development of oil and gas resources of the Arctic and Russian shelf: strategy, prospects and challengesLaverov N.P., Bogoyavlensky V.I., Bogoyavlensky I.V. 2 (22) 20164-13
Pre-conditions of oil and gas potential of expanded legal shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic OceanIvanov V.L., Kaminsky V.D., Poselov V.A., Suprunenko O.I., Smirnov O.E.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia2 (22) 201614-23
Prospects for the mining industry in GreenlandVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L.IGEM RAS2 (22) 201624-34
About probable diamond content of sediments of the White Sea NeckEvdokimov A.N. 2 (22) 201635-39
Search Model of SEDEX-MVT deposits in the Arctic zoneGalyamov A.L., Volkov A.V., Lobanov K.V.IGEM RAS1 (21) 201646-55
Hydrocarbon potential of Riphean-Lower Cretaceous complexes of the Laptev Sea RegionPolyakova I.D., Borukaev G.C., Sidorenko S.A.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS1 (21) 201656-65
Forgotten fossil resource in the Russian Arctic mammoth ivorySmirnov A.N., Kirillin N.D., Ivanova Y.V., Zhurilova M.A. 1 (21) 201666-75
The gold-quartz deposits in turbidites of the northeastern part of the Russian ArcticVolkov A.V., Sidorov A.A., Aristov V.V., Murashov K.Y.IGEM RAS4 (20) 201548-60
Oil and gas potential of Canadian deep water basin and adjacent waters of the Arctic OceanBogoyavlensky V.I., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Nikonov R.A., Shuster V.V.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG4 (20) 201561-69
Arctic resources and opportunities for their developmentSochneva I.O.MIEP4 (20) 201570-77
Geotechnological paradigm of integrated development of mineral resources in the Arctic zone of RussiaTrubetskoy K.K., Galchenko Y.P., Kalabin G.V. 3 (19) 201554-65
The intensity of oil and gas generation in the western sector of the Russian ArcticPolyakova I.D., Borukaev G.C.GIN RAS2 (18) 201558-65
Placer deposits of the Arctic zone of Russia: the current state and development of mineral resourcesLalomov A.V., Bochneva A.A., Chefranov R.M., Chefranova A.V.IGEM RAS2 (18) 201566-77
Arctic resources of nonferrous and noble metals in global prospectsBortnikov N.N., Lobanov K.V., Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L.IGEM RAS1 (17) 201538-46
Methodical aspects of exploration of gravel deposits on the shelf of Arctic and Far East seas using magnetoacoustic techniquesSmirnov A.N., Palamarchuk V.K., Glinskaya N.V., Burdakova E.V., Mishchenko O.N., Popova E.S.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia1 (17) 201547-51
Arctic gold resources in global prospectBortnikov N.N., Lobanov K.V., Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Murashov K.Y.IGEM RAS4 (16) 201428-37
Stratigraphic and paleogeographic background of oil and gas exploration in the upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous sedimentary sequences of marine origin of the framing of the Laptev seaZakharov V.A., Rogov M.A.GIN RAS4 (16) 201438-47
Mineral resources of the Russian Arctic continental margin and prospects for their developmentKaminsky V.D., Suprunenko O.I., Smirnov A.N.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia3 (15) 201452-61
The timeliness of the problem of hydrocarbon resources development in the ice-covered waters of the Arctic OceanGuseynov C.S.Gubkin RSUOG4 (12) 201360-65
Introduction of the technology for production of gaseous and liquid methane from methane hydrate the way to develop the power resources of the NorthFedorov E.P., Yanovsky L.L., Varlamova N.I., Raznoschikov V.V., Demskaya I.A.CIAM4 (12) 201366-69
The Geology and Oil-and-Gas Potential of the North American ArcticZabanbark .., Lobkovsky L.I.IO RAS3 (11) 201364-75
Technical availability of the Russian shelf for development in modern conditionsSochnev O.Y., Zhukovskaya E.A.Rosneft2 (10) 201348-61
Search, prospecting, exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits in the ircumarctic regionBogoyavlensky V.I.OGRI RAS2 (10) 201362-71
Characteristics of Arctic gas-and-oil resource strata, paleogeographic and geodynamic aspects of their formationPolyakova I.D., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Danilina A.N.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS, Minprirody of Russia1 (9) 201346-59
Prospects of Oil-and-Gas Bearing Deposits of Deep Sea in the South Kara Sea RegionBogoyavlensky V.I., Polyakova I.D.OGRI RAS, GIN RAS3 (7) 201292-103
Problems of Study and Development of Raw Materials Resource of the ArcticLarichkin F.D., Fadeev A.M., Cherepovitsin A.A.IES KSC RAS1 (5) 20128-15
Prospects of Sea-Floor Seismography in the Russian FederationLaverov N.P., Roslov Y.V., Lobkovsky L.I., Tulupov A.V., Voronov M.A., Ganzha O.Y. 4 (4) 20114-13
Prospects of Basic Research in the Arctic RegionNekipelov A.A., Makosko A.A. 4 (4) 201114-21
Greenland Climate: Modern ChangesKorneva I.A., Popov I.O., Semenov S.M.IGCE4 (4) 201122-33
Safe and Secure Use of Nuclear Power at Civil Nuclear Fleet as a Basis of FSUE Atomflots Environmental PolicyKashka M.M., Golovinsky S.A., Antonov O.N., Vorobyev V.M., Belozerov L.L., Ryzhkov A.V., Yarosh V.I. 4 (4) 201134-45
Seismic Exploration, Offshore Oil and Gas Fields Development of the Arctic Western RegionLaverov N.P., Bogoyavlensky V.I., Bogoyavlensky I.V. 3 (3) 201116-27
Hydrography and Arctic ocean investigationsNeronov N.N., Medvedkin E.V. 3 (3) 201128-35
The Arctic Basin Demilitarization Challenges Solution by Hydrographic Research ResultsNaryshkin G.D., Fridman B.S., Alexeev S.P., Kostenich A.V. 3 (3) 201136-47
The Russian and Norwegian Barents Sea areas: a study of oil and gas presence and prospectsBogoyavlensky V.I.OGRI RAS2 (2) 201164-75

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