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JOURNAL: No. 4(36) 2019, p. 107-117

HEADING: Study and development of nature resources of the Arctic

AUTHORS: Chizhova, I.A., Lobanov, K.V., Volkov, A.V.

ORGANIZATIONS: Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of RAS

DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2019-4-107-117

UDC: 553.44:553.061

The article was received on: 01.03.2019

Keywords: Arctic zone, deposit, database, gold, forecast, logical and information model, ore formation type, microelements, quick-forecast

Bibliographic description: Chizhova, I.A., Lobanov, K.V., Volkov, A.V. Logical and information models for forecast and rapid assessment of new gold deposits in the Arctic zone of Russia. Arctic: ecology and economy, 2019, no. 4(36), pp. 107-117. DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2019-4-107-117. (In Russian).


Logical and information models were developed based on a wide range of elements and a representative database (DB) for 95 gold deposits and gold occurrences in the North-East of Russia. As a result of the calculation, the elemental logical and information models for each ore-informational type were obtained: Au-Ag-epithermal; Au-quartz; Au-sulfide; Cu-Mo-Au porphyry; pyrite-polymetallic, enriched with Au and Ag. The rules were developed that made it possible to reliably identify the samples (43 errors out of 289 samples, recognition quality = 0.85). It is shown that developed models can be used to forecast and evaluate new gold deposits in the Arctic zone of Russia.

Finance info: Работа выполнена при финансовой поддержке РФФИ проекта (грант № 18-05-70001) «Изучение геологических и геодинамических обстановок формирования крупных месторождений стратегических металлов Арк­тической зоны России: выводы для прогнозирования и поисков новых месторождений».


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