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Metalliferous conglomerates potential sources of placers in the Arctic zone of RussiaVolkov, A.V., Galyamov, A.L., Lalomov, A.V., Lobanov, K.V., Murashov, K.Y.IGEM RASv11, 2 2021232-243
Geophysical model of the Earths crust, geodynamic conditions and prospects for the discovery of Pb-Zn deposits in the Russian ArcticGalyamov, A.L., Volkov, A.V., Lobanov, K.V.IGEM RAS3 (39) 202087-98
Logical and information models for forecast and rapid assessment of new gold deposits in the Arctic zone of RussiaChizhova, I.A., Lobanov, K.V., Volkov, A.V.IGEM RAS4 (36) 2019107-117
Geodynamic formation setting of the strategic metal deposits in the Russian Arctic zoneVolkov, A.V., Galyamov, A.L., Lobanov, K.V.IGEM RAS2 (34) 2019109-119
Forecast-exploration model of gold deposits associated with granitoid intrusions of the Russian Arctic zoneVolkov, A.V., Sidorov, A.A.IGEM RAS3 (31) 201884-99
Gold ore deposits and Cretaceous granitoid magmatism of ChukotkaGalyamov, A.L., Volkov, A.V., Sidorov, A.A.IGEM RAS1 (29) 2018104-115
Climate change impact on economic growth and specific sectors development of the Russian ArcticVoronina, S.A., Porfiriev, B.N., Semikashev, V.V., Terentiev, N.E., Eliseev, D.O., Naumova, Y.V.IEF RAS, Russian New University, FRC Informatics and management4 (28) 20174-17
Assessment of climatic changes in the Arctic in the 21st century based on the combined forecastPanin, G.N., Diansky, N.A., Solomonova, I.V., Gusev, A.V., Vyruchalkina, T.Y.WPI RAS, Moscow State University, INM RAS2 (26) 201735-52
Prospects for identifying strategic metals deposits in the Russian ArcticGalyamov, A.L., Volkov, A.V., Lobanov, K.V., Murashov, K.Y.IGEM RAS1 (25) 201759-74
Search Model of SEDEX-MVT deposits in the Arctic zoneGalyamov, A.L., Volkov, A.V., Lobanov, K.V.IGEM RAS1 (21) 201646-55
The gold-quartz deposits in turbidites of the northeastern part of the Russian ArcticVolkov, A.V., Sidorov, A.A., Aristov, V.V., Murashov, K.Y.IGEM RAS4 (20) 201548-60
The first assessments of quality of the systems for early warning of weather threats to the Murmansk regionRubinshtein, K.K., Shiryaev, M.V., Eliseev, G.G., Ignatov, R.Y.Hydrometcenter of Russia4 (16) 201477-85
Development of information system and electronic atlas on the status and use of resources of the White sea and its catchmentFilatov, N.N., Tolstikov, A.V., Bogdanova, M.S., Litvinenko, A.V., Menshutkin, V.V.EMI RAS, NWPI KarRC RAS3 (15) 201418-29
Russian Emergencies Ministry measures for prevention and emergency response in the ArcticChupriyan, A.P., Veselov, I.I., Sorokina, I.V., Naumova, T.E.Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies, EMERCOM of Russia1 (9) 201370-77

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