The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Issue 4(32) 2018

ISSUE 4(32) 2018

Issue 4(32) 2018

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I. Economics and management in the Arctic zone
Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Sidorov A.A. Problems of the Arctic mineral resources development (in terms of Chukotka and Alaska) 4
II. Ecology

Kashulin N.A., Skufina T.P., Dauvalter V.A., Kotelnikov V.A.

Sustainable water use in the Arctic. New approaches and solutions 15

Toropov .., Shabalin .., Mokhov ..

Under ice oil spill response in the remote Arctic waters 30

Prisyazhnaya A.A., Kruglova S.A., Khrisanov V.R., Snakin V.V.

Mapping of plant species protected at the federal level in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation 43
Drozdov V.V. Ensuring ecological safety in the development of the shelf seas resources and the environmental management on the basis of the sustainability assessment of marine ecosystems to technogenic impact 55
III. Research activities in the Arctic  
Dolgopolova E.N. The role of permafrost in the formation of the hydrological and morphological regime of river mouths in the Arctic Ocean watershed area 70
Fedorov V.M., Grebennikov P.B. Insolation contrast of the Earth and changes in the sea ice extent in the Northern hemisphere 86
Konovalov .., Ivanov S.N. Zonal distribution of the Russian Arctic biot 95
Schrader Al.A., Schrader A.A., Brekhovskikh A.L., Sazhneva A.E., Klyuev M.S., Rakitin I.Ya., Evsenko E.I., Greenberg O.V. Model of the Arlis Spur spall from the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean 104
IV. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic 
Lalomov A.V., Bochneva A.A. Rare-metal potential of placer deposits and weathering crusts of the Russian Arctic 111
V. New technologies for the Arctic
Lyubchich V.A., Grigorev V.F., Sidorenko A.. The two-frequency radio-holographic method to visualize in the earth’s crust the location of geoelectrical heterogeneities associated with local ore bodies (on the example of the Monchegorsk ore region, the Kola Peninsula) 123
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