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JOURNAL: No. 4(4) 2011, p. 22-33

HEADING: Study and development of nature resources of the Arctic

AUTHORS: Korneva, I.A., Popov, I.O., Semenov, S.M.

ORGANIZATIONS: Yu. A. Izrael Institute of Global Climate and Environment

UDC: 551.52

Keywords: global changes in the Arctic, Greenland, climate system

Bibliographic description: Korneva, I.A., Popov, I.O., Semenov, S.M. Greenland Climate: Modern Changes. Arctic: ecology and economy, 2011, no. 4(4), pp. 22-33. DOI: . (In Russian).


Modern change in the Arctic climate is a substantial factor influencing both the environment and the economic prospects of the Arctic region. Greenland is one of the most vulnerable elements of the Earth’s climate system, and it is very sensitive to global warming. Modern (i.e., from the 1980s till present) changes in the Greenland climate are assessed in the paper on the basis of simulation and reanalysis data as well as using data of instrumental measurements. Statistical analysis of these data showed a dominant trend toward warming of the Earth’s surface in the region. An increase in the long-wave radiation flux absorbed by the Earth’s surface and its relation to short-term and long-term surface temperature changes are found as well.

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