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JOURNAL: 2016, 2(22), p. 24-34

HEADING: Study and development of nature resources of the Arctic

AUTHORS: Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L.

ORGANIZATIONS: Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of RAS

UDC: 553.41:553.261

Keywords: deposit, mining, Greenland, metals, mineral resources, rare earth elements

Bibliographic description: Volkov A.V., Galyamov A.L. Prospects for the mining industry in Greenland. Arctic: ecology and economy, 2016, no. 2(22), pp. 24-34. DOI: . (In Russian).


In recent years, interest of mining industry in mining mineral resources of Greenland is growing signifi cantly, accompanying by increase in funding of exploration and research works. The article shows that quite vast area of Greenland coastal zone has signifi cant resources of ferrous, nonferrous, rare, radioactive and noble metals and precious stones. The conclusions are made about promising types of minefi elds. In the near future, Greenland could become a leading player in the global market of critical metals.

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