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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Future narratives for key sectors of the economy of the Murmansk region in the context of global changes in the ArcticMasloboev A.V., Alieva T.E., Ivanova L.V., Isaeva L.G., Klyuchnikova E.M., Kharitonova G.N.INEP KSC RAS, IES KSC RAS, IIMM KSC RAS1 (25) 201719-31
Prospects for the mining industry in GreenlandVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L.IGEM RAS2 (22) 201624-34
Arctic resources of nonferrous and noble metals in global prospectsVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V., Bortnikov N.N.IGEM RAS1 (17) 201538-46
Arctic gold resources in global prospectVolkov A.V., Galyamov A.L., Lobanov K.V., Murashov K.Y., Bortnikov N.N.IGEM RAS4 (16) 201428-37

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