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Regional biogeographic effects of fast climate changes in the Russian Arctic in the 21st centuryTishkov A.A., Belonovskaya E.A., Vaisfeld M.A., Glazov P.M., Lappo E.G., Morozova O.V., Pokrovskaya I.V., Tertitsky G.M., Titova S.V., Tsarevskaya N.G.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (38) 202031-44
Assessment of electrical loads of potential projects for the development of mineral resources in the eastern regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSaneev B.G., Ivanova I.Y., Korneev A.G.ESI SB RAS1 (37) 20204-14
Anthropogenic transformation of the Russian Arctic ecosystems: approaches, methods, assessmentsTishkov A.A., Belonovskaya E.A., Glazov P.M., Krenke A.N., Titova S.V., Tsarevskaya N.G., Shmatova A.G.Institute of Geography, RAS4 (36) 201938-51
Efficiency of management of fishery resources in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: features of assessmentTortsev A.M.FCIAR2 (30) 2018131-141
Climate change impact on economic growth and specific sectors development of the Russian ArcticVoronina S.A., Porfiriev B.N., Semikashev V.V., Terentiev N.E., Eliseev D.O., Naumova Y.V. 4 (28) 20174-17
Evaluations of the frequency pollution trends of the atmosphere of the regions of the Russian Arctic in the 21st centuryMakosko A.A., Matesheva A.V.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics4 (28) 201759-71
Transportation development of the Arctic land area: strategic goals and risk analysisVoronina E.P.Institute of System Analysis RAS3 (27) 201761-68
Prospects for inclusion of Leshukonsky and Pinezhsky municipal districts of the Arkhangelsk Region to the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationAlsufyev A.V., Shnayder A.G. 3 (23) 201658-66
Features of population settlement in the Arctic zone of RussiaFauzer V.V., Lytkina T.S., Fauzer G.N.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North2 (22) 201640-50
The modern paradigm of development of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationTatarkin A.A., Zakharchuk E.E., Loginov V.V.IE UB RAS2 (18) 20154-13
Scientific Component of Russian policy in the Arctic: the actual aspects of programming and institutional support of the Arctic researchesPavlenko V.I., Podoplekin A.O. 1 (17) 20154-9
International Scientific Initiatives in the Russian Arctic: Twenty Years of Positive Activities in the framework of the International Arctic Science CommitteeTishkov A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (17) 201586-91
The legal and methodological problems of strategic planning of development of the arctic regions of RussiaGorodetsky A.A., Ivanov V.V., Filin B.N. 4 (16) 20144-13
Contribution of the Russian Academy of Sciences to Modern Exploration and Development of the ArcticLaverov N.P. 1 (13) 20144-9
Importance of the Northern and Arctic Regions in New Geopolitical and Geo-economic ConditionsPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev A.B.Krylov SRC, Concern Agat3 (11) 201358-63
The activities of the Arctic and Antarctic Expert Council under the Chairman of the Federation Council in 2012Ivanov G.V.Arctic and Antarctic Expert Council1 (9) 2013100-106
Key Problems of Economic Development of the Russian ArcticDodin D.D., Kaminsky V.D., Suprunenko O.I., Pavlenko V.I.OGRI RAS, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia4 (4) 201164-79
Legal model of transboundary marine mineral resources management in the Western Arctic area of the Russian FederationVylegzhanin A.N. 2 (2) 20114-9
Expected Development of the Russian Arctic Regions: Space Transformation, External Relations and Lessons of Foreign StrategyPilyasov A.N.CSPF2 (2) 201110-17
The contours of the Strategy of development of the Russian ArcticPilyasov A.N.CSPF1 (1) 201138-47
On the conservation of the natural environment of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSolovjanov A.A. 1 (1) 201194-103

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