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Radiation situation around the floating nuclear thermal power plant Akademik Lomonosov in the initial period of operationEkidin, A.A., Nazarov, E.I., Antonov, K.L.Institute of Industrial Ecologyv13, 4 2023559-569
Organization of transport services for the population of the Russian Arctic remote areas (using the example of the Arkhangelsk region)Nenasheva, M.V., Grishchenko, I.V.NAHEM, NAFUv13, 4 2023613-623
Biome differentiation in the Russian ArcticBelonovskaya, E.A., Tishkov, A.A.Institute of Geography, RASv13, 1 202318-33
Geological and economic development factors of diamond placers in the Arctic zone of RussiaNogovitsyn, R.R., Grigoryeva, E.E.NEFUv12, 3 2022334-348
Economy of the Arctic coastal territories: analysis of the state and development trendsNovikov, A.V.GUZv12, 2 2022200-210
Spatial-temporal variability of hydrochemical characteristics of the Gulf of Ob and Taz BayTretiakov, M.V., Rumiantseva, E.V., Bryzgalo, V.A., Piskun, A.A., Vasilevich, I.I.AARIv12, 1 202246-57
Climate and environmental risks in the development of Arctic coastal territoriesVasil`tsov, V.S., Yashalova, N.N., Novikov, A.V.GUZ, Cherepovets SUv11, 3 2021341-352
The COVID-19 pandemic in the Russian Arctic: some socio-economic results of 2020Korchak, E.A.IES KSC RASv11, 3 2021353-361
The role of wind energy in the socio-economic development of the Russian Arctic zone regions (on the example of the Murmansk region)Bezhan, A.V.NERC KSC RASv11, 3 2021449-457
Study of microplastic pollution in the seas of the Russian Arctic and the Far EastErshova, A.A., Eremina, T.R., Dunayev, A.L., Makeeva, I.N., Tatarenko, Y.A.RSHUv11, 2 2021164-177
Changes in the biological productivity of the Russian Arctic land ecosystems in the 21st centuryTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Krenke, A.N., Titova, S.V., Tsarevskaya, N.G.Institute of Geography, RASv11, 1 202130-41
Migration of the Russian Arctic population: models, routes, resultsFauzer, V.V., Smirnov, A.V.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North4 (40) 20204-18
Biotic significant climate trends and biota dynamics of the Russian ArcticTishkov, A.A., Vaisfeld, M.A., Glazov, P.M., Morozova, O.V., Puzachenko, A.Y., Tertitsky, G.M., Titova, S.V.Institute of Geography, RAS1 (33) 201971-87
The greening of the tundra as a driver of the modern dynamics of arctic biotaTishkov, A.A., Belonovskaya, E.A., Vaisfeld, M.A., Glazov, P.M., Krenke, A.N., Tertitsky, G.M.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (30) 201831-44
Technologies for Remote Detection and Monitoring of the Earth Degassing in the Arctic: Yamal Peninsula, Neito LakeBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Sizov, O.S.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG, RSS2 (30) 201883-93
Forgotten fossil resource in the Russian Arctic mammoth ivorySmirnov, A.N., Kirillin, N.D., Ivanova, Y.V., Zhurilova, M.A.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia, State Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use, RSHU1 (21) 201666-75
The Experience of Seismotomographical Investigations of the Soil Condition of RW Treatment and Long-Term Storage Facilities at Saida BayKonukhin, V.V., Abramov, N.N., Kabeyev, E.V.MI KSC RAS3 (7) 201230-37
Marine Economics in the Russian Arctic under Conditions of Current Climate ChangesMatishov, G.G., Dzhenyuk, S.S.MMBI KSC RAS1 (5) 201226-37
Prospects of Sea-Floor Seismography in the Russian FederationLaverov, N.P., Roslov, Y.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Tulupov, A.V., Voronov, M.A., Ganzha, O.Y.IO RAS, Presidium of RAS, Seismoshelf4 (4) 20114-13
Planning of Operations Concerning Oil Spills Prevention and Elimination of Prirazlomnoje FieldMansurov, M.N., Marichev, A.V., Efremkin, I.M.Gazprom Neft Shelf, Gazprom VNIIGAZ2 (2) 201136-41
Basic Network of Environmental Safety Observatories in the Russian Arctic RegionsPitulko, V.M., Donchenko, V.K.SRCEC RAS2 (2) 201148-57
Questions of stability of natural complexes of the Russian Arctic to radioactive contaminationBakunov, N.A., Savatyugin, L.M., Frolov, I.E.AARI1 (1) 201182-39
Do people of the North will survive the construction of the transcontinental overpasses?Suljandziga, P.V.RAIPON1 (1) 2011124-128

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