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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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The concept of an integrated information system for planning of fleet operation in the ArcticTimofeyev O.Y., Tarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Mironov Y.U., Frolov S.V., Buyanov A.S., Gorbachev M.A., Bengert A.A.Krylov State Research Centre, State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute", Central Marine Research and Design Institute, Scientific Logistics Center LLC, Northern Sea Route Directorate of the State Atomi Energy Corporation Rosatom1 (33) 2019129-143
Icebreaker support for the largest national Arctic hydrocarbon projectsGolovinsky S.A., Belkin M.M., Ruksha V.V.FSUE Atomflot4 (24) 2016109-113
Structure and dynamics of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route: the history, present and prospectsBelkin M.M., Ruksha V.V., Smirnov A.A., Arutyunyan V.V.FSUE Atomflot4 (20) 2015104-110
Year-round navigation in the port of SabettaSmirnov A.A., Spirin A.A., Chachin D.D.FSUE Atomflot3 (19) 201588-95
Forecasting of ice conditions and optimal route of the ships in the Arctic for safe navigationKutinov Y.G., Chirkov A.A., Kovalev D.D., Koposov S.S., Shvetsova S.S.North Ecology Institute of RAS Ural Branch, Space Monitoring Center of the Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University3 (19) 201596-103
The duration of the navigation period and changes for the Northern Sea Route: model estimatesMokhov I.I., Khon V.V.A.M.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics Russian Academy of Sciences2 (18) 201588-95
55th anniversary of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet and development of the Northern Sea RouteGolovinsky S.A., Smirnov A.A.FSUE Atomflot4 (16) 2014108-113
Designs of RITM-200 reactor installation intended to provide environmentally safe and cost-effective operation of multipurpose nuclear icebreaker on Arctic routesKnyazevsky K.K., Fadeev Y.., Pakhomov A.A., Polunichev V.V., Veshnjakov K.K., Cabin S.S.FSUE Atomflot, Joint Stock Company Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering3 (15) 201486-91
Development of floating nuclear power sources one of the ways to increase the economic efficiency of the Northern Sea RouteShadrin A.A., Shadrin N.N., Shadrina A.A., Ignatyev V.V., Ivanov V.V.V. P. Larionov Institute of the Physical-Technical Problems of the North of the Siberian Branch of the RAS2 (14) 201450-57
Extending the Lifetime of Reactor Plants of the Nuclear Icebreakers.Safety Ensuring in the Extended PeriodFadeev Y.., Pakhomov A.A., Darbinyan O.O., Filimoshkin S.S., Vasyukov V.V., Molokova T.T.FSUE Atomflot, Joint Stock Company Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering1 (13) 201488-95
Hydrometeorological Support of Navigation along the Northern Sea RouteMakosko A.A.Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring3 (11) 201340-49
Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet and development prospects of the Northern Sea RouteGolovinsky S.A., Ruksha V.V., Smirnov A.A.FSUE Atomflot1 (9) 201378-83
History and current state of establishing the planned ice fleet in the Russian FederationPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC4 (8) 201246-54
GLONASS in the Arctic: results of a comprehensive study of the navigation situation during the transition on the Northern Sea Route in August-September 2011Revnivykh S.S., Bermishev A.A., Lapshin V.V.PNT Information Analysis Center of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building4 (8) 201255-65
Perspective Directions and Challenges of the Arctic Transport System of Russia Development in XXI CenturyPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, JSC CSPA Leninetz3 (7) 201274-83
Experience and Prospects of the Russian Icebreaking Fleet Operation in the ArcticMantula N.V., Kashka M.M., Ponomarenko A.A.FSUE Atomflot3 (7) 201284-91

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