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Arctic: ecology and economy
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The role of permafrost in the formation of the hydrological and morphological regime of river mouths in the Arctic Ocean watershed areaDolgopolova E.N.WPI RAS4 (32) 201870-85
Climate change impact on economic growth and specific sectors development of the Russian ArcticVoronina S.A., Porfiriev B.N., Semikashev V.V., Terentiev N.E., Eliseev D.O., Naumova Y.V. 4 (28) 20174-17
Future narratives for key sectors of the economy of the Murmansk region in the context of global changes in the ArcticMasloboev A.V., Alieva T.E., Ivanova L.V., Isaeva L.G., Klyuchnikova E.M., Kharitonova G.N.INEP KSC RAS, IES KSC RAS, IIMM KSC RAS1 (25) 201719-31
Destabilization of relict methane hydrates with observed changes of regional climateArzhanov M.M., Mokhov I.I., Denisov S.N.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics4 (24) 201646-51
The duration of the navigation period and changes for the Northern Sea Route: model estimatesMokhov I.I., Khon V.V.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics2 (18) 201588-95
Contemporary climate change in the Arctic: results of a new assessment report of the Arctic CouncilTsaturov Y.S., Klepikov A.A.AARI, ROSHYDROMET4 (8) 201276-81
Climate Changes in the Arctic: Impact on Environment and EconomyPorfiriev B.N., Kattsov V.M.IEF RAS, FGBI MGO2 (6) 201266-79
On the conservation of the natural environment of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSolovjanov A.A. 1 (1) 201194-103

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