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Operational forecasting system for Arctic Ocean using the Russian marine circulation model INMOM-ArcticFomin, V.V., Panasenkova, I.I., Gusev, A.V., Chaplygin, A.V., Diansky, N.A.Moscow State University, State Oceanographic Institute, INM RASv11, 2 2021205-218
Main results of geophysical studies of the Arctic offshore areas at JSC MAGE, development and implementation problems of domestic geophysical equipment for marine seismic surveyKazanin, G.S., Kazanin, A.G., Bazilevich, S.O.JSC "MAGE"3 (39) 202099-111
Khatanga-Lomonosov fault zone: structure, tectonic position and geodynamicsShipilov, E.V., Lobkovsky, L.I., Shkarubo, S.I.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS, JSC "MAGE"3 (35) 201947-61
Arctic transport routes on land, in water and air areasGruzinov, V.M., Zvorykina, Y.V., Ivanov, G.V., Sychev, Y.F., Tarasova, O.V., Filin, B.N.State Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Vnesheconombank, Military Academy of the General Staff, IEIE SB RAS, IBRAE RAN1 (33) 20196-20
The role of permafrost in the formation of the hydrological and morphological regime of river mouths in the Arctic Ocean watershed areaDolgopolova, E.N.WPI RAS4 (32) 201870-85
Gas hydrates in the Circum-Arctic Region aquatoriesBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Kishankov, A.V., Yanchevskaya, A.S.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG3 (31) 201842-55
On tsunami hazard in the Arctic RegionKulikov, E.A., Ivashchenko, A.I., Medvedev, I.P., Yakovenko, O.I., Kovachev , S.A.IO RAS, IAG3 (23) 201638-49
Pre-conditions of oil and gas potential of expanded legal shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic OceanIvanov, V.L., Kaminsky, V.D., Poselov, V.A., Suprunenko, O.I., Smirnov, O.E.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia2 (22) 201614-23
Oil and gas potential of Canadian deep water basin and adjacent waters of the Arctic OceanBogoyavlensky, V.I., Bogoyavlensky, I.V., Nikonov, R.A., Shuster, V.V.OGRI RAS, Gubkin RSUOG4 (20) 201561-69
Simulation of circulation of the Kara and Pechora Seas through the system of express diagnosis and prognosis of marine dynamicsDiansky, N.A., Fomin, V.V., Kabatchenko, I.M., Gruzinov, V.M.State Oceanographic Institute, INM RAS, MIPT1 (13) 201457-73
Feedback modeling of the climate forming processes in the Arctic OceanSarkisyan, A.A., Moshonkin, S.N., Diansky, N.A., Gusev, A.V., Bagno, A.V.INM RAS1 (9) 201312-23
Economic Assessment of Status and Prospects of the Development of the Arctic Sea Oil and Gas ResourcesPavlenko, V.I., Panichkin, I.V.Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS, MGIMO3 (7) 201214-21
Hydrography and Arctic ocean investigationsNeronov, N.N., Medvedkin, E.V.GNINGI, Hydrographic Society3 (3) 201128-35
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaLobkovsky, L.I., Verzhbitsky, V.E., Kononov, M.V., Schrader, A.A., Sokolov, S.S., Tuchkova, M.I., Kotelkin, V.D., Vernikovsky, V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115

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