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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Local Labor Markets of the Russian Arctic: Classification by Activity TypeFauzer V.V., Smirnov A.V., Lytkina T.S., Fauzer G.N.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North2 (34) 20194-17
Rare-metal potential of placer deposits and weathering crusts of the Russian ArcticLalomov A.V., Bochneva A.A.IGEM RAS4 (32) 2018111-122
The Integrated Study in the Aeronautic and Amphibious Technology Providing the Development of RF Hard-to-Reach AreasSokolyansky V.V., Zakharchenko Y.Y., Chesnokov S.S., Dunaevsky A.A., Dolgopolov A.A., Morozov V.V., Visel E.E., Samoylov I.I., Semenov S.S., Varvanin A.A., Kotiev G.G., Naumov V.V., Verzhbitsky A.A. 3 (3) 201168-73
On measures of the Russian Emergencies Ministry to ensure the implementation of economic and infrastructure projects in the Arctic and the creation of a system of specialized emergency rescue centersChupriyan A.A., Veselov I.I.EMERCOM of Russia1 (1) 201148-51
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaSchrader A.A., Lobkovsky L.I., Kononov M.M., Verzhbitsky V.V., Sokolov S.S., Tuchkova M.M., Kotelkin V.V., Vernikovsky V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115

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