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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Zonal distribution of the Russian Arctic biotKonovalov A.A., Ivanov S.N.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS4 (32) 201895-103
Reconstruction of paleoclimate indicators and biota by group palynospectra in the north of Western SiberiaKonovalov A.A., Ivanov S.N.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS4 (24) 201652-57
Climate dependence of biota in the north of the Tyumen Region (the quantitative aspect)Konovalov A.A.IPND of Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS1 (21) 201628-37
The Arctic Vector in Conservation of Terrestrial Ecosystems and BiodiversityTishkov A.A.Institute of Geography, RAS2 (6) 201228-43
Changes and Variability of Climate in the European Part of the Russian North and Their Effect on Water FacilitiesFilatov N.N., Nazarova L.L., Georgiev A.P., Semenov A.A., Antsiferova A.A., Ozhigina V.V., Bogdan M.I. 2 (6) 201280-93
Environmental Investigations of Oil and Gas Development in the Eastern Part of the Barents SeaIshkov A.A., Minasjan V.V., Prischepa B.B., Sharifullin M.S., Shakhin D.A. 2 (2) 201158-63

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