Arctic: ecology and economy
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Integrated problems of sustainable development of the transport complex in the Russian ArcticBelyi, O.V.IPT RAS3 (15) 20144-8
Integrated problems and directions for improving compensatory measures to restore fish resources of the Northern Fishery BasinTortsev, A.M., Studenov, I.I., Novoselov, A.P., Pavlenko, V.I.North Branch of VNIRO, Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS3 (15) 20149-17
Features, limitations and directions of development of agricultural economy in the arctic and subarctic territories of the European North-EastIvanov, V.A.Institute of socio-economic and energy problems of the North4 (12) 201350-59
Regulation of the Use of Subsoil Resources in the Arctic Countries (the U.S., Canada and Norway) Pavlenko, V.I., Seliukov, Y.G.OGRI RAS, Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS3 (11) 201350-57
On the experience of Nordic AHEM on the Arctic seas shelfVasiliev , L.Y.NAHEM2 (10) 201328-33
The development of marine power plants that use renewable energy sourcesTarovik, V.I., Valdman, N.A., Trub, M.S., Ozerova, L.L.Krylov SRC2 (10) 201334-47
Characteristics and economic efficiency of the transient processes method of electrical resistivity prospecting for engineering and geological studies in the North and Arctic RussiaPavlenko, V.I., Korotkov, Y.V.Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS4 (8) 201240-45
Problem of Development and Development of Polar and Arctic Territories: the Ural AspectLitovskiy, V.V.IE UB RAS3 (7) 20124-13
Economic Assessment of Status and Prospects of the Development of the Arctic Sea Oil and Gas ResourcesPavlenko, V.I., Panichkin, I.V.Arkhangelsk SC UB RAS, MGIMO3 (7) 201214-21
Energy Development in the Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities of Low-Power PlantsSmolentsev, D.O.IBRAE RAN3 (7) 201222-29
Introduction of Gas and Fuel Technology of the Air Transport Way of Cost Reduction of Transportation in the Arctic and Far East Macro RegionsAdzhiyev, A.Y., Zaytsev, V.V., Mavritsky, V.I., Postoyev, S.K., Yanovsky, L.L., Shmal, G.G.TsAGI, CIAM, NIPIGasPererabotka, InterAviaGas, FGUP GosNII GA, UOGPR2 (6) 201294-101
Economical Development of the Arctic and Nuclear Ice-Breaking Fleet of RussiaRuksha, V.V., Smirnov, A.A., Golovinsky, S.A., Rodionova, L.L., Ivanov, A.V., Nikolaev, P.P., Peresypkin, V.V.CMRDI, Atomflot, CSR North-West1 (5) 201216-25
Marine Economics in the Russian Arctic under Conditions of Current Climate ChangesMatishov, G.G., Dzhenyuk, S.S.MMBI KSC RAS1 (5) 201226-37
Amphibians with Chassis on Pneumocushion Key to the ArcticSokolyansky, V.P., Zakharchenko, Y.A., Dolgopolov, A.A., Morozov, V.V., Visel, E.P., Merzlikin, Y.Y., Dunaevsky, A.I., Chesnokov, S.S., Musatov, R.R., Kotiev, G.O., Naumov, V.N., Verzhbitsky, A.N.TsAGI, BMSTU1 (5) 201238-47
On the Topicality of Midget Nuclear Power Plants for Long-term Development of Coastal Regions in the Russian Arctic and the Russian Far EastMitenkov, F.F.Afrikantov OKBM4 (4) 201158-63
Key Problems of Economic Development of the Russian ArcticDodin, D.D., Kaminsky, V.D., Suprunenko, O.I., Pavlenko, V.I.OGRI RAS, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia4 (4) 201164-79
The Integrated Study in the Aeronautic and Amphibious Technology Providing the Development of RF Hard-to-Reach AreasSokolyansky, V.P., Zakharchenko, Y.A., Chesnokov, S.S., Dunaevsky, A.I., Dolgopolov, A.A., Morozov, V.V., Visel, E.P., Samoylov, I.A., Semenov, S.A., Varvanin, A.A., Kotiev, G.O., Naumov, V.N., Verzhbitsky, A.N.TsAGI, BMSTU, FGUP GosNII GA, RANEPA, Yakovlev Aircraft3 (3) 201168-73
Challenges of Environmental Management Restructing at Kola Metallurgical FacilitiesAlieva, T.E.IES KSC RAS3 (3) 201174-79
Gas Aviation: Options of Solving the Transport Issue of the Northern and Arctic RegionsDutov, A.V., Mavritsky, V.I., Zaytsev, V.V.TsAGI, InterAviaGas3 (3) 201180-89
Reform of Payments for Environmental Negative Impact: Essence and RisksKharitonova, G.N.IES KSC RAS2 (2) 201176-85
Fundamental aspects of the development of oil and gas resources of the Russian Arctic shelfLaverov, N.P., Dmitrievskii, A.A., Bogoyavlensky, V.I.OGRI RAS, Presidium of RAS1 (1) 201126-37
The contours of the Strategy of development of the Russian ArcticPilyasov, A.N.CSPF1 (1) 201138-47
On measures of the Russian Emergencies Ministry to ensure the implementation of economic and infrastructure projects in the Arctic and the creation of a system of specialized emergency rescue centersVeselov, I.I., Chupriyan, A.P.EMERCOM of Russia1 (1) 201148-51

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