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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Major Scientific and Technical Problems in Radiation-Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear-powered Icebreakers: Decision OptionsKulikov K.N., Nizamutdinov R.A., Blagoveshchensky A.Y., Titov N.V., Mantula N.V., Domanov A.A.JSC NIPTB Onega, FSUE Atomflot2 (30) 2018118-124
n registration of ice navigation risks along the Northeast PassageTripolnikov V.P.State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute"2 (30) 2018125-130
The Technology of Lifting Nuclear- and Radiation-Hazardous Facilities Dumped or Sunken in the Arctic Based on the Use of Hydraulic Cable JacksAntipov S.V., Bilashenko V.P., Shvedov P.A., Kramorenko A.V., Asminin V.V., Chumarov R.I.Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he Research Institute of Rescue and Underwater Technologies, Navys MESC Naval Academy1 (29) 2018116-124
On compensation of damage to the health of the population in the cities of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation from air pollutionMatesheva A.V.A.M.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics Russian Academy of Sciences3 (27) 2017111-117
Numerical modeling results of cryolithic zones thermal state while exploiting an underground multi-module small nuclear power plantMelnikov N.N., Amosov P.V., Klimin S.G.Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center of RAS2 (26) 201782-90
The creation of individual rescue equipment for use on offshore facilities in the ArcticDotsenko L.A., Dotsenko O.G., Ilyukhin V.N., Kinnunen A.I., Makhalov S.A.Tosno-Tex LLC, Association for search and rescue technology development (Nonprofit organization), LLC Scientific-production enterprise Sea Rescue equipment2 (26) 201791-104
The elimination of emergency oil spills consequences in the Arctic zone of Russia using the reagent encapsulation technologyLarionov K.S., Kholkin E.G., Shtripling L.O.Omsk State Technical University1 (25) 2017120-129
Modernization of FSUE Atomflot Infrastructure and Material and Technical Resources Aimed at Provision of Environmental Safety in the Northwest of RussiaKashka M.M., Efanskaya E.A., Kobzev V.A., Bogdanov A.Y., Tkachenko D.A.FSUE Atomflot1 (25) 2017130-136
Forecast of emergencies at oil and gas facilities and elimination of consequences of emergency oil spills in arctic climateMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Zakharova M.M., Glyaznetsova Y.Y., Zueva I.I., Chalaya O.O., Lifshits S.S.Working Group under the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Risk Analysis and Safety, V. P. Larionov Institute of the Physical-Technical Problems of the North of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Siberian Branch of the RAS4 (24) 201690-99
The application and evaluation of methods for metal working by explosion when performing the tasks in the areas of the Arctic region diffi cult of accessSednev V.A.Academy of State Fire-Prevention Service of EMERCOM of Russia2 (22) 201698-106
The directions of development of forces and resources for search and rescue support of maritime activities in the ArcticIlyukhin V.N., Dubin A.A., Brodsky P.P., Popov S..State Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography, Scientific and production center Special machinery of N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University1 (21) 201694-101
Methodology of justification of mechanization tools system for deployment of emergency rescue teams in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationSednev V.A.Academy of State Fire-Prevention Service of EMERCOM of Russia1 (21) 2016102-111
Structure of the costs of research on condition of hydraulic engineering storage of liquid industrial waste of the Kola regionKalashnik A.A., Gilyarova A.A., Kalashnik N.N., Smirnova O.O.Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center of RAS4 (20) 201596-103
Creation of multi-level system of geodynamic monitoring of mining and oil and gas facilities in the western part of the Russian sector of the ArcticMelnikov N.N., Kalashnik A.A.Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center of RAS3 (19) 201566-75
On creation and development of radiation safety system at nuclear icebreaker fleetNetsetsky A.M.FSUE Atomflot2 (18) 2015104-111
Medical and physiological aspects of vital activity in the ArcticBoyko E.E., Solonin Y.Y.Institute of Physiology of Komi Scientific Center of RAS Ural Branch1 (17) 201570-75
Regulatory and legal aspects of search and rescue support of Russias maritime activity in the ArcticIlyukhin V.N.Association for search and rescue technology development (Nonprofit organization)1 (17) 201576-81
Emergency Situations in Developing Oil and Gas Resources in the Arctic and the OceanBogoyavlensky V.I.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS4 (16) 201448-59
The problems of environmental and industrial safety of natural and man-made marine facilities during development of the Arctic shelfMaksimov V.V., Tupysev M.M., Pronyushkina S.S., Kulpin L.L.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, Research and Design Institute of Development of Oil and Gas Deposits on Land and Sea4 (16) 201460-67
Development of models for express computation of oil spills in the Barents SeaZatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V.N. N. Zubovs State Oceanographic Institute, State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute", Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS 4 (16) 201468-76
The first assessments of quality of the systems for early warning of weather threats to the Murmansk regionRubinshtein K.K., Shiryaev M.M., Eliseev G.G., Ignatov R.R.Hydrometeorological Research Center of Russian Federation4 (16) 201477-85

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