The Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Issue 1(29) 2018

ISSUE 1(29) 2018

Issue 1(29) 2018

1(29)2018   DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2018-1
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I. Economics and management in the Arctic zone
Sarkisov A. A., Smolentsev D. O., Antipov S. V., Bilashenko V. P., Shvedov P. A. Economic Efficiency and Possibilities of Using Megawatt-class Nuclear Power Sources in the Arctic 4
Samsonov N. Yu., Kryukov Ya. V. Popigay deposit of diamond-lonsdalite superabrasive material — an arctic project with a high-innovative potential 15
II. Ecology
Stepanko N. G., Stepanko A. A., Tkachenko G. G. Possible environmental consequences of the economic development of the northern territories of the Far East of Russia 26
Grigorieva O. V., Markov A. V., Ivanets M. O., Terentyeva V. V. The integrated estimation methodology of the environmental in the Arctic using aerospace image situation 37
III. Research activities in the Arctic 
Bogoyavlenskiy V. I. Gas-hydrodynamics in the Arctic craters of gas blowout 48
Antonov K. L., Poddubny V. A., Markelov Yu. I., Buevich A. G., Medvedev A. N., Manzhurov I. L Some results of greenhouse gases monitoring in the Arctic region of Russia 56
Zmyotnaya M. I., Plakueva M. V. Species diversity and structure of zooplankton community (on the example of the rkhangelsk region) 68
IV. Shipbuilding for the Arctic  
Tarovik V. I. Prospective technical means of personnel evacuation from emergency offshore oil and gas platforms in arctic conditions 84
Belyachov V. A., Vasilev N. V., Makarov V. V., Pautov L. G. Innovative developments of Krylov State Research Centre to improve the safety and reliability of vessels with podded trust units in extreme ice conditions 92
V. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic 
Galyamov A. L., Volkov A. V., Sidorov A. A. Gold ore deposits and Cretaceous granitoid magmatism of Chukotka 104
VI. Safety of human activities in the Arctic
Kramorenko A. V., Asminin V. V., Chumarov R. I., Antipov S. V., Bilashenko V. P., Shvedov P. A. The Technology of Lifting Nuclear- and Radiation-Hazardous Facilities Dumped or Sunken in the Arctic Based on the Use of Hydraulic Cable Jacks 116
VII. The quality and standard of living of North Indigenous Peoples
Novikova N. I. Anthropological Expert Review: Academic Discourse and Indigenous People’s Expectations 125
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