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ISSUE 3(27) 2017

Issue 3(27) 2017

№3(27)2017   DOI 10.25283/2223-4594-2017-3

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I. Research activities in the Arctic

Results of aerial, space and field investigations of large gas blowouts near Bovanenkovo field on Yamal peninsula.  Bogoyavlenskiy V. I., Bogoyavlenskiy I. V., Nikonov R. A.

Features of cryolithogenesis in the presence of gashydrates (on example of West Siberia).  Konovalov А. А.

Modern Geodynamics of the Norwegian-Greenland Basin on seismological data for the period 1964—1991 years.  Kutinov Yu. G., Belenovich T. Ya., Chistova Z. B., Neverov N. A.

II. Ecology

Prospects for the Development of Automated Radiation Monitoring Systems in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions through the Integrated Use of Mobile Radiation Monitoring Devices.  Arutyunyan R. V., Gavrilov S. L., Popov E. V.

The assessment of the current state of water quality in the Norilsk industrial region.  Bazova M. M., Koshevoi D. V.

III. Economics and management in the Arctic zone

Transportation development of the Arctic land area: strategic goals and risk analysis.  Voronina E. P.

IV. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

Technology of diagnostic assurance of the floating thermal nuclear power plant.  Myasnikov Y. N., Horoshev V. G.

Comprehensive Simulation Model of Marine Transport and Support System for “Prirazlomnaya” Platform.  Tarovik O. V., Topaj A. G., Krestyantsev A. B., Kondratenko A. A., Zaykin D. A.

Issues related to raising the speeds of heavy-tonnage cargo vessels during year-round arctic operations.  Pustoshny A. V., Sazonov K. E.

V. Safety of human activities in the Arctic

On compensation of damage to the health of the population in the cities of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation from air pollution.  Matesheva A. V.

VI. Regional problems

Problems of municipal infrastructure development of the subarctic territories of the Komi Republic.  Fomina V. F.


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