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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Environmental impact assessment of construction and operation of gas pipeline underwater crossing through the Baydaratskaya Bay (Kara Sea)Mironuyk S.S. 3 (15) 201472-78
Specifics of implementation of new environmental safety requirements for ships and offshore installations in Northern seas and on the Arctic shelfValdman N.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Kryzhevich ..Krylov SRC3 (15) 201479-85
Environmental safety ensuring in the use of nuclear energy for civilian nuclear fleetPastukhov A.A., Fomina N.N., Bezhina N.N., Babchenko A.A. 2 (14) 201478-91
Studies of the Kara Sea in the modern stage of development of the Russian ArcticMatishov G.G., Dzhenyuk S.S., Brekhuntsov A.A. 1 (9) 20134-11
Sustainable development of the marine segment of the BEAR (priorities, realities, compromises)Matishov G.G., Denisov V.V., Zhichkin A.A., Moiseev D.D.MMBI KSC RAS1 (9) 201359-69
Exploration of Bottom Relief of the Arctic Basin for Multi-Purpose Programs of the Environmental SafetyNaryshkin G.G., Petrov D.D.JSC Centre Sevzapgeoinform1 (5) 201260-67
Basic Network of Environmental Safety Observatories in the Russian Arctic RegionsPitulko V.V., Donchenko V.V. 2 (2) 201148-57
Ecological safety of the Russian Arctic: some organizational and legal aspectsNeyolov Y.Y. 1 (1) 201162-69
Problems of radiation rehabilitation of the Arctic seas, methods and ways of their solutionNikitin V.S., Sarkisov A.A., Vysotsky V.V., Sivintsev Y.Y. 1 (1) 201170-81
Legal and regulatory framework for ensuring environmental safety in offshore oil and gas production in the ArcticValdman N.A., Ilyakova E.E., Pystina N.B., Buchgalter E.E., Jarkich N.N. 1 (1) 2011116-123

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