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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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Arctic transport routes on land, in water and air areasGruzinov V.M., Zvorykina Y.V., Ivanov G.V., Sychev Y.F., Tarasova O.V., Filin B.N.State Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Vnesheconombank, Military Academy of the General Staff, IEIE SB RAS, IBRAE RAN1 (33) 20196-20
On tsunami hazard in the Arctic RegionKulikov E.E., Ivashchenko A.A., Yakovenko O.I., Kovachev S.S., Medvedev I.I. 3 (23) 201638-49
Evaluation and selection of investment solutions for oil and gas development in the ArcticNikulina A.A. 2 (22) 201651-55
Geodynamic evolution of oil and gas basins of Russian Kara-Barents Sea shelfLobkovsky L.I., Sorokhtin N.N., Nikiforov S.S., Kozlov N.N.IO RAS, GI KSC RAS2 (18) 201514-25
Hydrocarbon gases and permafrost of the Arctic shelfSergeyev D.O., Perlshtein G.G., Tipenko G.G., Tumskoy V.V., Khimenkov A.A., Merzlyakov V.V., Stanilovskaya Y.Y., Vlasov A.A.Moscow State University, IEG RAS, IAM RAS2 (18) 201535-44
Mineral resources of the Russian Arctic continental margin and prospects for their developmentKaminsky V.D., Suprunenko O.I., Smirnov A.N.FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia3 (15) 201452-61
Studies of the Kara Sea in the modern stage of development of the Russian ArcticMatishov G.G., Dzhenyuk S.S., Brekhuntsov A.M. 1 (9) 20134-11
Explosive bjects at the Bottom of the Arctic Seas Risk Factor for Economic Activity in SeasBystrov B.B., Pirozhenko V.V., Blinkov V.I. 1 (5) 201268-73

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DOI 10.25283/2223-4594