The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 4(20) 2015

Issue 4(20) 2015


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I. Ecology

Formation of chemical composition of the waters of the Murmansk Region under the conditions of functioning of mining and metallurgical enterprises, T. I. Moiseenko, N. A. Gashkina

II. Research activities in the Arctic

Fracture mechanics and problems of Arctic development, R. V. Goldshtein, N. M. Osipenko

«Greening» of the Arctic in the twenty-first century as a synergy effect of global warming and economic development, A. A. Tishkov, A. N. Krenke-Jr

Arctic marginal planetary area, Yu. G. Kutinov, Z. B. Chistova, T. Ya. Belenovich

III. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic

The gold-quartz deposits in turbidites of the northeastern part of the Russian Arctic, A. V. Volkov, A. A. Sidorov, V. V. Aristov, K. Yu. Murashev

Oil and gas potential of Canadian deep water basin and adjacent waters of the Arctic Ocean, V. I. Bogoyavlensky, I. V. Bogoyavlensky, R. A. Nikonov, V. L. Shuster

Arctic resources and opportunities for their development, I. O. Sochneva

IV. State administration in the Arctic

Experience of developing the strategy of Arctic development by foreign countries, N. A. Kondratov

V. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

Nuclear Energy in the Arctic Region, V. S. Nikitin, V. N. Polovinkin, Yu. A. Simonov, V. S. Ustinov, V. P. Kuznetsov, V. I. Makarov

VI. Safety of human activities in the Arctic

Structure of the costs of research on condition of hydraulic engineering storage of liquid industrial waste of the Kola region, A. I. Kalashnik, A. A. Gilyarova, N. A. Kalashnik, O. V. Smirnova

VII. The issues of the Northern Sea Route

Structure and dynamics of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route: the history, present and prospects, V. V. Ruksha, M. S. Belkin, A. A. Smirnov, V. G. Arutyunyan



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