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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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Possible environmental consequences of the economic development of the northern territories of the Far East of RussiaStepanko N.G., Stepanko A.A., Tkachenko G.G.PGI FEB RAS1 (29) 201826-36
Autonomous bottom station of express control as part of an integrated system for monitoring and control of radiation and chemical contamination of the Arctic seasVyalyshev A.A., Dobrov V.V., Stoyanov V.V., Panteleev V.A., Segal M.D. 2 (22) 201664-71
The modern paradigm of development of the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationTatarkin A.A., Zakharchuk E.E., Loginov V.V.IE UB RAS2 (18) 20154-13
Editor-in-chief of the Arctic: Ecology and Economics magazine academician Ashot Sarkisov awarded the Global Energy Prize 2014  2 (14) 20144-5
Arctic: Problem of the accumulated environmental damageSokolov Y.Y.Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies2 (10) 201318-27
State of whitefish of Pechora basin in terms of multi-factor anthropogenic impactLukin A.A., Novoselov A.P., Studenov I.I., Bezumova A.L., Bulatova I.V., Borovskoj A.V. 4 (8) 201226-35

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DOI 10.25283/2223-4594