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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Identification of frontal zones position on the surface of the Barents Sea according to in situ and remote sensing dataMoiseev D.D., Zaporozhtsev I.F., Maximovskaya T.M., Dukhno G.N.MASU, MMBI KSC RAS2 (34) 201948-63
Ensuring ecological safety in the development of the shelf seas resources and the environmental management on the basis of the sustainability assessment of marine ecosystems to technogenic impactDrozdov V.V.Krylov SRC4 (32) 201855-69
Ecological aspects of the presence of anomalously high suspended solids concentrations in macro-tidal estuaries of the Arctic zoneMiskevich I.V.IO RAS3 (31) 201823-30
Development of models for express computation of oil spills in the Barents SeaZatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Solbakov V.V., Stanovoy V.V.State Oceanographic Institute, AARI, CC RAS4 (16) 201468-76
Legal model of transboundary marine mineral resources management in the Western Arctic area of the Russian FederationVylegzhanin A.N. 2 (2) 20114-9
Cooperative Russian-Norwegian Investigations of the Western Arctic Seas Radioactive Contamination at the Areas under Local Sources ExposureTsaturov Y.S., Nikitin A.A., Shershakov V.V.ROSHYDROMET, Typhoon NPO2 (2) 201126-35
Environmental Investigations of Oil and Gas Development in the Eastern Part of the Barents SeaIshkov A.A., Minasjan V.V., Prischepa B.B., Sharifullin M.S., Shakhin D.A. 2 (2) 201158-63
The Russian and Norwegian Barents Sea areas: a study of oil and gas presence and prospectsBogoyavlensky V.I.OGRI RAS2 (2) 201164-75

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