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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Small Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic Regions: Issues of Economic Feasibility and Environmental SafetyPimenov A.O., Kulikov D.G., Vasilyev A.P., Molokanov N.A. 2 (34) 2019120-128
Verification studies on a methodology for constructing underground complexes to dispose small nuclear power plants in the Arctic conditionsMelnikov N.N., Gusak S.A., Amosov P.V., Naumov V.A., Naumov A.V., Orlov A.O., Klimin S.G., Smirnov Y.G.MI KSC RAS3 (31) 2018123-136
Innovative mediation in the implementation of scientific projects on the territory of Arctic experience of the Temporary Interdisciplinary Research Team YAMALChechetkina E.V., Yeltsov I.N., Menshikov S.N., Ermilov O.M. 2 (30) 2018107-117
Electrochemical profi ling is eff ective and environmentally friendly method of search and exploration of hydrocarbons in the Arctic seasSnopova E.E., Anokhin V.M., Kholmyansky M.M. 2 (22) 201682-89
Structural materials as an important element of reliability and environmental safety of infrastructure in the ArcticGorynin I.I.CRISM "Prometey"3 (19) 201582-87
Satellite Dataware for Prospecting and Development of Oil and Gas Fields in the Arctic SeasAleksanin A.I., Levin V.A., Kubryakov A.A., Stanichny S.S.FSBSI MHI, IACP FEB RAS1 (17) 201552-63
Renewable energy for power supply in the Arctic zone of the Russian FederationPopel O.S., Kiseleva S.S., Morgunova M.M., Gabderakhmanova T.T., Tarasenko A.A.Moscow State University, JIHT RAS1 (17) 201564-69

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