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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Development of geophysical monitoring systems in the ArcticMalovichko A.A., Vinogradov A.A., Vinogradov Y.Y. 2 (14) 201416-23
The features of emergencies in the Arctic zone of Russia and a way to response on the basis of risk conceptMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Zakharova M.M., Glyaznetsova Y.Y., Zueva I.I., Chalaya O.O., Lifshits S.S., Gadenin M.M., Ammosov A.P., Syromyatnikova A.A., Permyakov P.P. 1 (13) 201410-29
Evaluation of thermal action of underground nuclear low-power station on the permafrost rocksMelnikov N.N., Gusak S.A., Amosov P.V., Klimin S.G., Novozhilova N.N.MI KSC RAS1 (13) 201430-37
Comprehensive monitoring an integral part of safety of the Russian ArcticVyalyshev A.A., Dobrov V.V., Bolshagin A.A., Dolgov A.A., Zinovyev S.S., Oltyan I.I., Gorbatsky V.V.Krylov SRC, Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies1 (13) 201438-47
Scientific basis for analysis and reduction of emergency risks in the regions of Siberia and the NorthMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Gadenin M.M. 4 (12) 20134-15
A Consideration of Risks in the Construction and Operation of Offshore Wind Power Plants in the Arctic Krylov SRC3 (11) 201384-96
Failures of Steam Generator Pipe Systems at Nuclear Powered Vessels: Analysis of Possible Causes and MechanismsKashka M.M., Sandler N.N., Filimoshkin S.S., Bakhmetiev .., Bylov I.I., Baklanov .. 3 (11) 201397-101
Establishment of the spent nuclear fuel overload regional center on the FSUE "Atomflot"Kashka M.M., Abramov A.N., Chestnih I.I. 2 (10) 201372-79
Militarization increase tendencies in the Arctic regionPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov SRC, Concern Agat2 (10) 201380-83
Russian Emergencies Ministry measures for prevention and emergency response in the ArcticChupriyan A.A., Veselov I.I., Sorokina I.I., Naumova T.T.Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies, EMERCOM of Russia1 (9) 201370-77
Arctic-2012 Training: Achievements and LessonsOsipjantz I.I., Pavlovsky O.O., Krasnoperov S.S.IBRAE RAN4 (8) 201282-89

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