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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Modern Geodynamics of the Norwegian-Greenland Basin on seismological data for the period 19641991 yearsBelenovich T.Y., Kutinov Y.G., Neverov N.A., Chistova Z.B.FCIAR3 (27) 201728-38
Modern geodynamics of Gakkel Ridge according to seismological dataBelenovich T.Y., Kutinov Y.G., Chistova Z.B., Morozov A.A.FCIAR4 (24) 201658-71
Late Mesozoic plume magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phases geodynamic conditions of detectionLobkovsky L.I., Shipilov E.V.IO RAS, PGI KSC RAS2 (22) 201672-81
Arctic marginal planetary areaBelenovich T.Y., Kutinov Y.G., Chistova Z.B.FCIAR4 (20) 201538-47
Geodynamic model of the Amerasian Basin of the Arctic (to the justification of belonging of the Lomonosov Ridge, the Mendeleev Elevation and Podvodnikov Trench to the Russian continental margin)Lobkovsky L.I., Kazmin Y.Y., Kononov M.M.IO RAS, FSBI VNIIOkeangeologia4 (16) 201414-27

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