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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Gas hydrates in the Circum-Arctic Region aquatoriesBogoyavlensky V.I., Bogoyavlensky I.V., Kishankov A.V., Yanchevskaya A.S.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University)3 (31) 201842-55
Features of cryolithogenesis in the presence of gashydrates (on example of West Siberia)Konovalov A.A.Institute of the Problems of Northern Development, Tyumen Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences3 (27) 201718-27
Hydrocarbon gases and permafrost of the Arctic shelfSergeyev D.O., Perlshtein G.G., Tipenko G.G., Tumskoy V.V., Khimenkov A.A., Merzlyakov V.V., Stanilovskaya Y.Y., Vlasov A.A.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS, Institute of Applied Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences2 (18) 201535-44
Emergency Situations in Developing Oil and Gas Resources in the Arctic and the OceanBogoyavlensky V.I.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS4 (16) 201448-59
The problems of environmental and industrial safety of natural and man-made marine facilities during development of the Arctic shelfMaksimov V.V., Tupysev M.M., Pronyushkina S.S., Kulpin L.L.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, Research and Design Institute of Development of Oil and Gas Deposits on Land and Sea4 (16) 201460-67
Search, prospecting, exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits in the ircumarctic regionBogoyavlensky V.I.Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS2 (10) 201362-71

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