The Arctic: ecology and economy
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ISSUE 4(28) 2017

Issue 4(28) 2017

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I. Economics and management in the Arctic zone

Climate change impact on economic growth and specific sectors’ development of the Russian Arctic. Porfiriev B. N., Voronina S. A., Semikashev V. V., Terentiev N. E., Eliseev D. O., Naumova Yu. V.

Arctic Territories Differentiation by Density of Population and Economic Development. Fauzer V. V., Lytkina T. S., Smirnov A. V.

Indicators of sustainable development of Russian Federation Arctic zone: problems of selection and measurement. Gutman S. S., Basova А. А.

II. Ecology

Nuclear Legacy Cleanup in the Continental Part of Russia as a Condition for Radiation Safety in the Arctic. Kryukov O. V., Abramov A. A., Linge I. I., Ivanov A. Yu.

III. Research activities in the Arctic

Evaluations of the frequency pollution trends of the atmosphere of the regions of the Russian Arctic in the 21st century. Makosko A. A., Matesheva A. V.

Structure and the lithological composition of the section of the deposits of Kola Bay (Fiord) according to the data of drilling wells and seismoacoustics and the neotectonic conditions of its formation. Shipilov E. V., Skarubo S. I., Kovalchuk E. A.

IV. Study and development of natural resources of the Arctic

Prospects of gold mining development in the Chukotka Autonomous district. Volkov A. V., Galyamov A. L., Sidorov A. A.

The Central area of the Arctic ocean: seismostratigraphy and background of oil and gas. Polyakova I. D., Borukaev G. Ch., Bogoyavlenskiy I. V., Sidorenko Sv. A.

V. Shipbuilding for the Arctic

Design problems and development prospects for ice-resistant semisubmersible floating drilling units. Kryzhevich G. B.

VI. State administration in the Arctic

Development conceptual foundations of intelligent information-management system for regional security support of Murmansk region. Masloboev А. V.


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