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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Development of methodological approaches to the assessment of economic losses caused by oil spills in formation of insurance protection of off shore facilities on the shelfValdman N.A., Malyarenko N.N., Kulikova L.L., Kuzyachkin S.S., Emelyanov R.R. 3 (23) 201650-57
Problems of Study and Development of Raw Materials Resource of the ArcticLarichkin F.F., Fadeev A.A., Cherepovitsin A.A.IES KSC RAS1 (5) 20128-15
Legal model of transboundary marine mineral resources management in the Western Arctic area of the Russian FederationVylegzhanin A.N. 2 (2) 20114-9
The Arctic: a new vector of developmentVasil`ev A.V.Russian Foreign Ministry1 (1) 201120-25
Fundamental aspects of the development of oil and gas resources of the Russian Arctic shelfBogoyavlensky V.I., Laverov N.P., Dmitrievskii A.A. 1 (1) 201126-37
Geodynamic model of the evolution of the Arctic region in the Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic and the problem of the outer boundary of the continental shelf of RussiaSchrader A.A., Lobkovsky L.I., Kononov M.M., Verzhbitsky V.V., Sokolov S.S., Tuchkova M.M., Kotelkin V.V., Vernikovsky V.V.Moscow State University, IO RAS, IPGG SB RAS, GIN RAS1 (1) 2011104-115
Legal and regulatory framework for ensuring environmental safety in offshore oil and gas production in the ArcticValdman N.A., Ilyakova E.E., Pystina N.B., Buchgalter E.B., Jarkich N.N. 1 (1) 2011116-123

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