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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Current view on the development of emergency rescue fleet vessels in the ArcticIlyukhin V.N.Association for search and rescue technology development2 (34) 201997-108
Autonomous bottom station of express control as part of an integrated system for monitoring and control of radiation and chemical contamination of the Arctic seasVyalyshev A.A., Dobrov V.V., Stoyanov V.V., Panteleev V.A., Segal M.D. 2 (22) 201664-71
Emergency Situations in Developing Oil and Gas Resources in the Arctic and the OceanBogoyavlensky V.I.OGRI RAS4 (16) 201448-59
The features of emergencies in the Arctic zone of Russia and a way to response on the basis of risk conceptMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Zakharova M.M., Glyaznetsova Y.Y., Zueva I.I., Chalaya O.O., Lifshits S.S., Gadenin M.M., Ammosov A.P., Syromyatnikova A.A., Permyakov P.P. 1 (13) 201410-29
Scientific basis for analysis and reduction of emergency risks in the regions of Siberia and the NorthMakhutov N.A., Lebedev M.P., Bolshakov A.M., Gadenin M.M. 4 (12) 20134-15
Russian Emergencies Ministry measures for prevention and emergency response in the ArcticChupriyan A.A., Veselov I.I., Sorokina I.I., Naumova T.T.Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies, EMERCOM of Russia1 (9) 201370-77
On measures of the Russian Emergencies Ministry to ensure the implementation of economic and infrastructure projects in the Arctic and the creation of a system of specialized emergency rescue centersChupriyan A.A., Veselov I.I.EMERCOM of Russia1 (1) 201148-51

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